PoE Boss Killing Service

In Path of Exile Bosses are one of the main sources of endgame loot. Bosses offer a chance to get most potent build-changing or strongly enhancing uniques for majority of builds, like Watcher’s Eye from The Elder, with great rolls it can improve your damage or EHP by more than 20%! There are many boss-killer builds in the game, all require some special milestone – some need high character level to work, some need leveled gems or certain uniques to work. Some builds just lack single-target or survivability which often is crucial for boss-killing. With the help of our service, PoE Boss Killing service, you can hire a booster to kill your bosses – and all loot that drops will be yours, no need to pay any commissions or share any profits with the carrier! The service is available in our working hours, so please check with the manager before placing an order!

Buying PoE Boss Killing Service from us, you get:

  • Kill on the desired boss;
  • All Loot from this boss.

Features of PoE Boss Killing Service:

  • No need to search forums for trusted high-rep boss killer, we did it for you!
  • All loot from the boss is yours, no splitting it with the killer.

Requirements for PoE Boss Killing Service:

  • For killing Shaper, you need to have the set of Shaper Fragments.
  • For killing Uber Elder, you need to have him on your map and the set of Shaper Fragments.
  • For killing Uber Atziri, you need to have Mortal Fragments.
  • Select the boss

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