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Pokemon Go Trainer Leveling


We will help you with boosting your trainer level (your account level) which will help you catch stronger Pokemon! The higher your level us, the better Pokemon you will encounter – and with better Pokemon it's way easier to fight for territory!


Your account level in Pokemon GO, or Trainer level, how’s it called in game, is very important ingame and opens plenty of possibilities. In example, the higher Trainer level is, the better and stronger Pokemon you can encounter on your way. And, of course, every hero wants to have strongest of pokemons to become strongest in Pokemon battles. Other options also open on different levels: in example, on level 5 Gyms – buildings where you can train your Pokemon – are available for you. On this very same level 5 you’ll need to pick a team which you would be fighting for. There are three teams in the game, with different color presenting each team: Yellow (Team Instinct), Blue (Team Mystic), Red (Team Valor). Be careful! You can choose your team only once and you cannot change it later, so think beforehand which team you would join! While we boost your Trainer Level we don’t pick a team for you, it’s your decision to make.

What else will I get when I order Trainer Level boosting from you?

While you level your Trainer, for each level you gain bonus items – pokeballs, potions, eggs, incubators, berries and other useful stuff needed for playing.

Time of execution: Time to boost Pokemon GO account is strongly individual and depends on quantity of levels you order. You can get details from our managers.
Additional option: If you want to keep the items (pokeballs, eggs, potions, berries) from pokestops, please expand the bag. More you expand the bag, more items you can keep.

If you didn’t find range of levels you need on the website, please contact our manager on Skype boosting_pro or live char on the website at the working time: 1PM CEST – 1AM CEST and we’ll be happy to find a solution for you.

Warning! After switching devices it is possible that catching pokemons on your account will be restricted for up to 2 hours, but it will not affect the game after that.

  • Pokemon Go account.
  • Dont login into the account before the boost is complete. When boost is complete, out manager will instantly message you.
  • When you get an order through please note your city and street.

For any Pokémon GO service we need your google email and password OR login and password from Pokémon Trainer Club account. After the boost is done we recommend changing password.

You can oay for Pokémon GO services using your bank card or any digital payment in any country. Our payment gate allows 5-minute refund if the order wasn't done, guarantee of safe shopping and 100% protection of your payment.

If you didnt find a desired Pokemon GO service, please contact our manager on Skype boosting_pro or live char on the website at the working time: 1PM CEST - 1AM CEST and we’ll be happy to find a solution for you.

We need to know this information in order to find a Pokemon Trainer who lives closest to you to fulfill your order.

Boosting.pro operates on the gaming market for more than 4 years and has a reputation of a fair website. We value our reputation, so we won't ever use or disclose data of our customers. Though, we recommend to change your password once boosting is complete. Both you and us will be more comfortable in this case.

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