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With Legion release PvP system got serious changes. Characters stats in PvP now have standardised for every class and spec, PvP sets for Conquest points removed as Conquest points itself. Only Honor points remains now, which unlock new PvP talents (Honor talents), unique for every class and spec (PvP talents can be used only in PvP). Last Honor talent unlocked at Honor level 46. At Honor level 50 you get Prestige level 1 and then you need to farm 50 Honor levels again for raising up Prestige on 1 level, Honor talents remains unlocked and in exchange on same Honor levels you will get more Artifact Power or Gold.

We will farm enough Honor Points to get your Honor level to 50 and unlock all required PvP talents. After reaching Honor Level 50 you can reset your levels and gain one level of Prestige. When you reach 4th Prestige level you will get a new mount. On Prestige level 1 you unlock new model of your artefact, on levels 5/10/15 unlocks color variations for this.

In progress of Honor farm you will additionally get Artifact Power and some gear items.

Time for completion:

One full prestige level takes nearly 3-4 days. Your order estimation time depends on amount of Honor levels and Prestige levels ordered. You can ask more information about time required to complete your order from our manager in Skype:boosting_pro


  • Level 110 character.
  • Minimum item level of 810+.
  • Account sharing.
  • We only ask for login and password. We will never ask for secret answer or access to your email.
  • For this service we will ask you to disable authenticator or configure it so it doesn’t ask for code on each login.


After making payment the mail with confirmation that the order was placed and being processed will come to your E-mail. After that our managers will surely contact you to discuss details about the order and time when you want it completed. You can play at any time but the time it’s settled down for the completion of your order. Also, for the completion of your order you should do the locking-unlocking process of the account.
1. After you pass us your account data, our player will try to log onto your account. After that you will receive an E-mail (to the mail what’s your account is attached to) with a notification that you have to change your password. In the mail there will be a link, when you click it you’ll be redirected to site, and there you will be able to reset your password.

2. After receiving confirmation that the password was reset, you should immediately close account and don’t check if the password is working or not. If you would do it, we’ll have to repeat this procedure over and over again.

3. Then you’ll have to tell this new password to us, and we’ll pass it to the player. We want to let you know that sometimes it’s needed to change password two or three times.

As soon as our player can log in onto your account, we’ll contact you again for future details.

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2 reviews for Honor and Prestige Level

  1. Got 2 prestige levels in 5 days. Good players and friendly operators in chat. Appreciate that


  2. Very enjoy this service! Thanks guys!


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