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Which boost can be ordered in Hearthstone?

Hearthstone is a multiplayer online card game that has gained popularity all over the world. It is based on the motives and history of World of Warcraft game, so it has a multi-million audience.

As in other online games, there is something to brag about to your friends in Hearthstone. There is always something to spend your time on and boost something. A huge number of cards and various combinations of them (in HS, those combinations are called decks), battles in the arena, ranked games, brawls and much more. All this must be done by spending a lot of time in the game. Therefore, players often buy a different boost in Hearthstone, because it saves a lot of time, which can be spent on more interesting activities in the game.

Many very important HS cards can only be obtained by going through adventures. In the adventures of Hearthstone, you fight with opponents controlled by AI. Each of them has his own powerful abilities and special cards, often players can not beat this or that boss, so an adventure boosting is a popular service.

Golden Hero boost is one of the most popular boosts in Hearthstone. To have a portrait with a golden edging and unique animation is considered very prestigious among HS players, because to get it you need to overcome 500 opponents using the hero whose portrait you want to receive. And if you want to have several gold portraits of HS, imagine how many dozens of hours you have to spend in the game? Therefore, our team added a service for you – a Golden Hero portrait boost for the heroes of Hearthstone.

In Hearthstone there is an Arena, it is radically different from the usual concept. Firstly: you fight not for rating (as in many games), but for bags from which you can get gold, cards or dust to create cards. Secondly: the battle is not with your decks, but a deck for Arena run is collected before the beginning of the Arena from the cards given to you – this is the main difficulty, because not always there are good cards. For the round of Arena you are allowed to lose 3 times, after which the round ends and you get a reward depending on the number of your victories. The more wins, the better the reward, the maximum rewards are for winning 12 arenas. Thanks to the Hearthstone Arena Boost service, you can get maximum rewards without spoiling your nerves and without spending precious time fighting in the Arena.

Some heroes in HS don’t have just a standard portrait – there’s a few more. You can get them in various ways: buy, fulfill some requirements in HS or another game. For example, to obtain a portrait of Lady Liadrin, you need to level up a character to level 20 in World of Warcraft, and to obtain a portrait of Prince Arthas you will have to defeat the Lich King on Heroic difficulty with all nine Hearthstone heroes. If you do not want or can not fulfill any conditions for obtaining special portraits of Hearthstone heroes, then we can provide you Hearthstone Lady Liadrin boost or Prince Arthas boost.

The most popular service among players is the Hearthstone rank boost. Each player wants to rise as high as possible in the ranked system of Hearthstone, but sometimes many factors prevent it from happening. Altogether in Hearthstone there are 26 ranks including the legend, where the lowest is the 25th rank, the highest numerican rank is 1st and even higher than that, rank of Legend. You can order a boost of any rank of your interest regardless of the rank in which you are now. Many players do not have a lot of time for the game, so at the beginning of the new season they order a boost to “intermediate” ranks to continue playing the game themselves in high positions (usually up to rank 5 or rank 3). Not all the shops provide Legend rank boost, but since we cooperate only with the best players in Hearthstone, then ordering a Hearthstone rank boost you can be assured of quick and high quality performance.

It often happens that a player needs a service that is not on the site. In this case, you can contact us via Skype: boosting_pro, Live chat on our website or via email, because we provide any boost in Hearthstone!

The arena is another type of game in HS, in which you will have to fight not with your deck, but with the deck you choose before arena. For the wins you get gold, card packs and dust to create cards. Therefore, the Hearthstone Arena boost is the best way to farm cards.
Legendary Hearthstone cards may be obtained from same booster packs as other cards drop, just with a reduced chance. You should stock up patience and luck!
Of course. After ordering a boost in Hearthstone you can play other games linked to your Battle.net while we execute your order.
This service is safe for your account, since our boosters use different VPN connections and Mac addresses for each login to HS.
There’s many ways of obtaining different card backs, such as earning achievements in other Battle.net games, earning 20th rank each month, earning Legend rank and much more ways. We can boost any card back available ingame.
Sadly there is no card trading in Hearthstone. Though you can disenchant your unneeded cards and craft needed ones with dust.
Time of execution depends on various factors. If the service description didn’t state completion time, you can check it with our managers.