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What can be boosted in Dota 2 and is it needed?

Dota 2 is one of the most popular games of the MOBA genre at the moment. This game is a continuation of "Defense of the Ancients" (the first Dota) WC3 map with a completely redesigned source, where two teams of five players battle each other with the goal of destroying the enemy Ancient. Many players use the boosting services of Dota 2 for various reasons: someone orders the Dota 2 boost services to save time, someone is lazy to boost MMR rating himself, and someone faces various difficulties and needs help. We will tell you what kind of boost you can buy in Dota 2 and why you need it.Unlike similar games, Dota 2 can boast of good graphics and a huge selection of interesting and unique heroes, everyone can start playing Dota 2, regardless of the level of preparation. But if you want to get advice from players who have years of experience behind their backs and increase their level of play faster, then you can use the Dota 2 Coaching service. This service is not a Dota 2 boost, there will not be any actions on your account done by others, but you will get valuable experience and a lot of useful tips that will help you to climb the Dota 2 rating (MMR) ladder. You will learn a lot of subtleties and secrets of the game on high rating, because you will be trained only by the best players whose MMR is above 7000.As in all MOBA games, the goal of Dota 2 is competition. All players compete with each other in the ranked games by increasing their MMR (Matchmaking Rating), whoever has it higher, is stronger. When you win, your MMR grows, and when you lose, it decreases accordingly. But in order to get into the ranked games you need to fulfill several conditions.
Yes. You can specify the time of your order which convenient for you when filling out the payment for the service or informing our managers about it.
All your things will remain safe. And also, the things dropped during the execution of the order remain with you, we guarantee full immunity to your items.
Of course. When completing the order of the Dota 2 boost, let our managers know and the performer will put the Steam account in invisible mode. Thus, none of your friends will see that someone has entered your account.
If you ordered Dota2 MMR boost or the calibration games boost, we ask you not to play ranked games until the end of the order, since you can fail and lose the rating we earned, in which case you will have to pay for additional games.
If you want our booster to play on certain heroes of Dota2 when executing an order, then indicate them when placing an order in Order Notes field. Our booster will try to stick to the heroes you mentioned, but you should understand that it will not work 100%, because there are four players in the team that can take these heroes and positions.
The first condition is the Experience Trophy leveling up to level 20. The process is long, since it will take 126 hours to get through and nervous, because you will have to play with weak players who are just starting their career in DotA and can tilt you. We provide the Experience Trophy boost in order to speed up the access to the Dota 2 ranked games for you without any losses of time or temper on your part.The second condition is the calibration games. You need to play 10 games, which will determine your starting MMR from which you will begin to play ranked games. The more wins you score, the higher the rating you will get. Ordering the Calibration Games boost from us you can not worry for your rating, our boosters will provide you the best possible result. We guarantee a minimum of 7 wins from 10 games. Also, players now have to play the calibration games every new season, and each will last for 6 months.Finally, Dota2 mmr boost is the most popular service in this game and one of the most popular services on our site and this is not surprising. Each player wants to climb to the top of the ladder. Many players play on an undeservedly low rating because they get into the team of weak and inexperienced players or players who go offline in the middle of the fight. And some players do not have enough time to climb to a high rating to participate in battles with experienced players. For this, we created a service for Dota 2 MMR boost, which is performed by the strongest players, including participants in various tournaments (which indicates their high level of the game). We can boost your rating up to 7000 MMR, both Solo and Party.The team was assembled to assist and solve problems in any game. So if you did not find the boost you are interested in, including DotA 2 boost, then just contact us via Skype: boosting_pro, Live chat on our website or via email and we'll pick the best option for you.