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The main gameplay of Destiny 2 is based on the mechanics of the first part of the game, but it was heavily modified and got a lot of additions that were so much enjoyed by a huge number of players. now the players are not driven into a narrow framework, but have a lot of interesting activities in the game to choose from. Power-up of the character has undergone the greatest changes, now you have a choice how to increase the Power of your heroes: to go through the story campaign; take part in public events, adventures, raids or strikes. The game features a huge number of missions with different monsters and locations, which will not allow you to get bored during the leveling.The plot line Destiny 2 is based on the attack of the last stronghold of the humanity by the Red Legion under the command of Dominus Ghaul,. The guards were defeated and the city fell, after Ghaul captured the Wanderer, all the Guardians lost their abilities and important items of the vault. The Vanguard fell into exile, and the Guardians must regain their strength by reconnecting with the Light and finding new exotic weapons in order to free the city from oppression.

What boost can be bought in Destiny 2 and what's the advantage of it?

It's worth starting with leveling the character, currently there are 25 levels in the game. During the leveling of the Destiny 2 character, you will be given access to various activities (raids, pvp, pve, missions). If you just started playing Destiny 2 and do not hurry anywhere, then maybe you'll be interested in completing the mission yourself, but if you want to play all the available classes in the game, and three of them (Titan, Warlock, Hunter), then you'll have to spend a lot of time to boost the levels of all characters. Therefore, the service for boosting characters in Destiny 2 is very popular.Like the character level, it is very important to increase the character's Power (also called light) is an indicator of the quality and capabilities of your character, the average level of attack characteristics and the protection of the selected equipment. Power is the summation of your overall progress, it is an indicator of how much your character is ready for battle and what enemies he is able to overcome. Also, the Power calculates how much damage you can inflict with special abilities. A whole game is tied around increasing Power of your character, your main goal will be its increasing.In Destiny 2, there are different raids designed for multiple players, for their completion you will receive worthy rewards, so the PvE boost in Destiny 2 is popular. Nightfall raid requires the participation of three players, and Leviathan and the World Eater for 6 people in the team. Many players have difficulty finding an adequate team to complete PvE events in Destiny 2 for many reasons, but everyone wants to get the award. Therefore, we created a Nightfall raid boost service, a Leviathan raid and a World Eater to help solo players. You can give your character under our control and we will quickly clean up the raid or you also can go yourself with our team.PvP in Destiny 2 is interesting as well and also has worthy rewards. The most popular service in PvP is the boost of Iron Banner in Destiny 2. The point of this event - farm of iron signs, for which you can buy various awards. There are several ways of farming, but they all take a lot of time.But this is not all the services that you can buy in Destiny 2, we listed only the most popular. Do not forget, the team was assembled to help and solve problems in any game. So if you did not find the boost you are interested in, including boosting in Destiny 2, then just contact us via Skype: boosting_pro, Live chat on our website or via email and we will pick the best option for you.