Most populat payment methods on our game boosting store

Our marketplace platform of boosting services for gamers support almost all of the most popular payment methods, even if you did not find the payment method you need, we are still ready to help you and accept payment through our partners.

VISA payment method on boosting store


One of the oldest and most popular international payment systems for accepting plastic payment cards.


MasterCard is one of the most famous and affordable credit cards in the life of any person. MasterCard Credit and Debit Cards Used Worldwide


Bitсoin is a unique payment system that uses cryptocurrency and blockchain as its basis. Bitcoin can be exchanged for other currencies and used for secure online payments.


Paying for your boosting order with things from the games, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are currently available. We instantly buy your game goods.


The most popular electronic international payment system in the CIS countries, founded in 1998 and successfully operating so far. Of the advantages - low fees and fast payment.


Popular Chinese online payment acceptance platform and is currently one of the leading Chinese payment service providers for buyers from Asia.

Apple Pay

Apple's mobile payment system and e-wallet. Allows some Apple mobile devices to make payments in stores and on the Internet. Works by digitizing existing bank cards.

PayPal (via partner)

PayPal is an American online payment platform operating worldwide. It supports online money transfers for users and payment of goods in stores and at auctions.


Why we do not recommend paying for ingame boost services with PayPal

Our company has been operating in the online gaming services boosting market for quite some time, and from 2011 we began working with PayPal to receive payments from our customers - it was very simple, fast and convenient, at least it seemed like this to us at that time, but over time we began to realize that we were mistaken.

  • PayPal doesn’t care about its partners and users and your account can be blocked without any reason.
  • PayPal support is useless and answers only the most basic questions with automated scripted responses.
  • PayPal can claw money back from your bank account without consultation and without notice
  • PayPal takes huge fees for both payments and refunds.
  • PayPal does not like online boosting services and your account may be blocked or funds frozen.

We strongly recommend our customers against using PayPal when paying for online boosting services, but if you don’t have another option, we are ready to accommodate your needs and accept payment through our partners.