So BlizzCon 2019 ended, where a lot of new and long-awaited things were announced. Among all the new products, the most important was the announcement of the eighth expansion of the game World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. After Sylvanas broke into the Icecrown Citadel and defeated the Lich King Bolvar, she destroyed the crown of power
WoW Classic Leveling
There are only a few days left before the release of WoW Classic and most of us are looking forward to immersing ourselves in the atmosphere of the old-school version of the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft. Access to the classic version will be open to players who have an active paid subscription to the
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Azshara's Eternal Palace entrance
New raid in patch 8.2. Azshara’s Eternal Palace is now available in normal and heroic modes for players on American servers, for the rest of the regions Raid Azshara will be available tomorrow (July 10). In the raid you will find eight bosses, including the final – Queen Azshara. In the raid dungeon Eternal Palace