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Key features of WoW Shadowlands expansion

Shadowlands is the eighth major expansion in World of Warcraft. This expansion is very promising and has every chance of becoming one of the best, therefore, it includes not only extremely interesting new items, but also many useful features from previous expansions which many players loved were returned to it. In Shadowlands, players will enter the underworld of World of Warcraft and stop Sylvanas and her possible patron, the Jailer. To do this, heroes of Azeroth will have to unite in communities in order to enlist their support and gain additional skills and perks, without which it is impossible to survive in the Shadowlands.

First of all the character and gear levels will be squished. The maximum character level will now be 60, and the 120s will be reduced to 50s. Thus, in Shadowlands you will need to level exactly 10 levels. Item level will also be reduced, but this does not mean that your character will become weak, just this level will be scaled relative to the level of the character.

Crafting professions - those using which you can create various items - will also be rebalanced. First, various useful items return to the game, such as oils with additional bonuses that are applied to weapons or the return of everyone's favorite gliders from engineering. Reagents - the ingredients that can be added to the creation of items for extra various bonuses – will be added to the game.

One of the highlights of Shadowlands is the Covenant. These are the same communities that we wrote about earlier. The Covenant is a mix of Draenor Garrison and Legion Class Hall, with new additions. There are four Covenants in total and each player will have to choose one of them upon reaching level 60. Changing the covenant is possible, but extremely difficult, so choose carefully, the bonuses your character receives will depend on this choice.

The second major addition is Torghast tower. If you are a fan of WoW, then you probably already heard about it. Torghast Tower is a multi-level dungeon, the maximum number of floors is still unknown. Each floor of this tower is unique, the system randomly generates requirements that must be met in order to move to the next. And you guessed it right, each next floor is more difficult than the last! You can die only for a limited number of times in the Tower, the number depends on the number of players in the group. If you have reached the limit, your progress is reset. You can progress through the tower either alone or in a group of up to five people.

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