Glory of the Dominant Raider boost in Chains of Domination patch

Glory of the Dominant Raider is a new Shadowlands meta-achievement that requires a well-coordinated raider team with great coordination and full understanding of every Sanctum of Domination (SoD) boss fight.

The Glory of the Sanctum of Domination Raider service will ensure you complete the second “Shadowlands” raid – Sanctum of Domination (SoD) in Normal mode and complete the ten achievements required for the Glory of the Dominant Raider meta-achievement.

The main reward for completing the Glory of the SoD meta-achievement is the Hand of Hrestimorak mount. It fits perfectly into the atmosphere of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands and allows you to move around on it in the Maw.

Buying Glory of the Dominant Raider boost in our shop you will get:


  • Time of completion is 1 day, you can ask our manager for raid schedule.
  • You can choose an additional selfplay option and take part in the Glory of the Dominant Raider boost yourself.
  • For a faster completion of the SOD raider glory, all achievements in the raid will be completed in a specific order.
  • You can order other Shadowlands services in corresponding section.


  • Level 60 character.
  • Clean cooldown for Sanctum of Domination raid in normal difficulty.
  • For the selfplay option, you may need a voice communication program.

Glory of the Dominant Raider boost

To complete the meta-achievement Glory of the Dominant Raider, you need to complete ten achievements in the SOD raid:

By purchasing the Glory of the Dominant Raider carry on, you will be one of the first to complete the Sanctum of Domination (SoD) raid in normal mode, receive the patch 9.1 meta-achievement and the unique Hand of Hrestimorak mount.

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