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Upon reaching level 30 in LoL you will be able to participate in Ranked Games, where you will fight for a place in Leagues and Divisions with other players by earning League Points (LP) and MMR (Elo). But before being placed in a league and division, you will have to play 10 placement Matches, and the more victories you will have, the higher league and division you will be placed into. MMR is a hidden rating which influences the amount of points per game and skill level of your opponents and teammates.

How does it work?

Right after you play 10 placement matches, you will be placed in a particular league and division. The more games you win, the higher league and division you will be placed into. But, no matter how well you played the placement matches, the system will not give place you higher than gold league, 5th division. For further progression in divisions and leagues you will have to play loads of games. To advance to the next division, you must earn 100 points there and play 3 placement matches (you must win 2 games out of 3). After getting into new division you will have 0 points and you will have 5 test games which you can lose without losing the points, but if you lose more – you will go back to the previous division, and you will have to earn 100 points again and win 3 placement games. As soon as you get to the first division and earn 100 points, you will have a chance to advance to the next league, and for this you will have to play 5 placement games (winning at least 3 out of 5). The number of points that you earn per each win and the number of points you lose per each loss depends on your MMR (MatchMaking Rating). The more you win, the higher your MMR and the more you lose when you lose a game.

In Master league the system works differently. There are only 200 players in Master. As soon as a new player from Diamond gets up into Master, he gets a protection for 7 days (during this time he can’t be kicked out), and when the new player enters Master, the player with the lowest amount of points is placed back into Diamond.

Why should I order League and Division boost?

Do you feel like you’re playing on ratings lower than you deserve? You constantly play with weak and unexperienced LoL players which make you lose game after game so you drop down in divisions? Or you just don’t have enough time to farm League Points to advance higher in Leagues? Our players, including tournament participants and Master tier professionals, will help you climb out of low elo ratings and boost your account up to Master tier as fast as possible.

You can use League and Division Boost on our website choosing desired rating, and we will boost it for you as soon as possible.

Features when buying League and Division boost:

  • Time of execution for League and Division boost service is individual and depends on chosen rating.
  • You may pick any lane and desired champions which will be used to boost your rating (if you have needed runepages).
  • We will try to fullfil all your requests, but you have to understand, that the ban/pick system doesn’t always let you pick the desired champion and lane.
  • All our boosters are internally tested and go through a trial period and as a result we select only the most reliable and proven boosters.
  • Our boosters do not use any software or bots for speeding up your order completion.
  • We always try to use VPN of your country to ensure maximum safety for your account.
  • When doing LoL League and Division boost we can stream or do screenshots on different stages of the boost, if you request it.
  • League and Division boost is available for following all regions.
  • You can order other League of Legends services in corresponding section.
  • Account sharing is required.
  • Full set of runes for one of roles.
  • We do not ask for access to your email – we only need login and password to access your account.
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