Here you can purchase WoW TBC boost services for the official game servers – World of Warcraft (WoW) The Burning Crusade Classic. We provide boosting services such as: TBC Leveling boost, TBC Raids, TBC Honor farming, TBC Profession boost, TBC mounts and much more boost services you can imagine.

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WoW Burning Crusade Classic Boosting

The players liked the relaunched WoW Classic so much that it still got its continuation in the form of the Burning Crusade Classic expansion. In the new expansion, as always, players will be facing leveling, reputation, gold and various items farming. Therefore, you can always use the help of the professional team and purchase any WoW TBC boost service that you want. You can order a service from the already listed ones or contact our managers and they will select the most optimal option for your wishes.The original Burning Crusade was released back in 2007 and some aspects of the game are outdated at the moment, so the new version of TBC will receive some updates with fixes to be installed on live servers. With these changes, WoW TBC veterans will be able to experience nostalgic feelings, and new players will be able to personally experience the epic adventure of Outland.

When is WoW Classic TBC coming out?

The official release date for WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade is already known - June 1, 2021, but for some players it will be June 2. This is due to the difference in time zones, because the launch of the TBC Classic update will be simultaneous for the entire world. More detailed timetable by region:
  • Americas (PDT) – 3:00p.m. June 1st
  • Europe (CEST) – 12:00a.m. June 2nd
  • Taiwan (CST) – 6:00a.m. June 2nd
  • Korea (KST) – 7:00a.m. June 2nd
  • ANZ (AEST) – 8:00a.m. June 2nd, UTC – 10:00p.m. June 1st

Why buy WoW TBC Classic boost services?

The World of Warcraft game includes a wide variety of activities for which many players often do not have enough time, character leveling is by far not the main thing in the game, you still need to farm reputations, collect a suitable set of equipment, or even several, and many also want different cosmetics in the form of mounts. And some in-game activities, such as raids, require a large and well-coordinated team that is not easy to find, especially if you do not have some experience of raiding. High ratings in the arena also require a good level of play and a lot of experience, and the rewards for it are very sweet, so arena boost services are also extremely popular. Therefore, the team will come to your aid, just select the desired TBC classic boost services and we will do everything for you.

What boost in TBC Classic can you buy?

You may be wondering what kind of Burning Crusade Classic boost services can you buy on the website? On our site you can purchase both standard services of any expansion, and unique ones that may not be available in other versions. We will list some of them, the rest you can find in the WoW TBC Services section:
  • Burning Crusade character leveling (level 70). One of the main services at the start of the expansion, which will allow you to get a character of the maximum level in a short time.
  • TBC Reputation boost. This service will save you a huge amount of time on reputation farming, of which there are a lot in Burning Crusade and almost all of them are extremely important.
  • TBC attunements boost. This service will allow you to gain access to some of the TBC dungeons and raids, saving you from completing tedious and sometimes difficult quest chains.
  • PvE Dungeons boost in The Burning Crusade Classic. In the dungeons, you can get good items, pre-raid gear, level up your reputation and get various items.
  • TBC Arena boost. Arena boost services are extremely popular in TBC, as you can get not only pvp equipment, but also a mount, title and a gladiator's tabard, which is very prestigious among WoW players.
  • PvP boosting. In addition to the arena and BG in TBC, there is PvP farming in the open world and you can get various rewards.
  • TBC Classic raid boost: TK, SSC and BT. Raid boost in TBC is a popular service, as in other expansions. This is a great chance to get top-end equipment, complete various quests and the opportunity to get legendary swords from Illidan!
  • Other TBC boost services. Even if you have not found the desired service on our website, you can always contact us and we will make every effort to fulfill your wishes related to the WoW TBC classic boost.
All the services presented will be available for execution as soon as the Burning Crusade goes live on the Classic WoW servers. But you can choose and purchase some of them right now. You can pre-order a character leveling service in wow tbc classic and be sure that you will be among the first to get your character leveled as soon as the servers become available after the update.

How to choose an optimal TBC boost?

The most optimal choice for fast character development in the new expansion are TBC Boost packages. The packages include several services that are optimally matched to different occupations in TBC Classic. Some packages are available only at the start of the expansion and some will be available throughout the entire time, in addition, with the release of a new content, new ones may appear.


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