The Aldor Reputation boost in The Burning Crusade Classic

The Aldor are one of the two most important factions in TBC. They reside in Shattrath City, the capital of Outland, home to the bulk of WoW Burning Crusade Classic players. Increasing reputation with the Aldor is important not only for the ability to buy epic items and recipes, but most importantly, you can purchase shoulder enchants from the Aldor. Only two factions – the Aldor and Scryers can provide these enchants, you cannot get them in any other way, so leveling one of these reputations is a must for every player, regardless of their occupation in TBC Classic.

By purchasing the Aldor Reputation boost, you will save yourself from a long grind of mobs and get access to buying rewards such as shoulder enchant: Greater Inscription of Vengeance, Greater Inscription of Discipline, Greater Inscription of Faith, Greater Inscription of Warding.

Buying TBC The Aldor Reputation boost from our shop you will get:

  • Reach Exalted level of reputation with the Aldor faction in TBC Classic.
  • Unlock unique epic & rare items at the Aldor Quartermaster vendor.
  • Buy permanent shoulder enchants.
  • New profession recipes.


  • Time to complete The Aldor Reputation boost 1 day – 2 weeks.
  • If you already have some progress in leveling the Aldor reputation in the Burning Crusade (you have already obtained Friendly or Honored), then you can choose the appropriate option to make the boost cheaper and faster.
  • You can order other TBC services in corresponding section.


  • Level 70 Character.
  • Account Sharing.

Where can I find the Aldor vendor?

By purchasing the reputation boost with the Aldor, at each level you will get access to the purchase of various items, recipes, equipment and, most importantly, enchant for shoulders. To purchase these items, you need to go to one of the representatives of the faction in Shattrath. Here are the main vendors of the Aldor faction in Shattrath

  • Inscriber Saalyn – is located in the Aldor bank, from him you can buy shoulder enchants.
  • Quartermaster Endarin – is located in the Aldor bank, from him you can buy recipes and equipments.
  • Asuur – is on the Aldor Rise, you can buy tier 4 raid equipment from her.
  • Kelara – is on the Aldor Rise, you can buy tier 5 raid equipment from her.

Can I change Aldor Reputation to Scryer Reputation?

Yes, if for some reason you need to change your faction, you can change it, but changing will take more time, this will require a lot more grind. You can use the help of the Boosting Pro team and buy a faction change for the Aldor and Scryers.


the Aldor reputation

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