In our store you can purchase WoW Classic boost services for the game – World of Warcraft (WoW) Classic (official). We provide boosting services such as: WoW Classic leveling boost, WoW Classic raids, WoW Classic Honor farming, Vanilla Profession leveling, WoW Classic mounts and much more boost services you can imagine.

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About WoW Classic boost

WOW Classic is the very first version of the famous MMORPG World of Warcraft. Over the years, WoW players have asked to restart the game in its original form and seeing how popular the unofficial WOW Classic servers were, the developers decided to please the fans. They launched the World of Warcraft Classic servers, recreating the atmosphere of those years, practically nothing was redone and has its original appearance: character models, skill branches, combat mechanics, even patches come out in the same order as in the original version of WoW.But like the original version of WoW Classic, it takes a very long amount of time to develop your character. Many players do not have enough time, and everyone wants to play at the highest level. Therefore, we created the WoW Classic boosting service, aimed at helping players to develop their characters. World of Warcraft boost is not only saving time, but also energy and nerves, because some actions in the game can bring players to anger, especially the open world PvP component.

Which boost can be ordered in WoW Classic?

We offer a wide range of WoW Classic boost services. First of all, this concerns the leveling of your character:
  • WoW Classic Leveling. The name speaks for itself - we will boost one or more characters. Our players have extensive experience and know how to level up quickly and without using third-party programs.
  • WoW Classic Profession Leveling. In the Classic version of World of Warcraft, professions are of great importance, they are necessary for any character, and leveling some takes a very long time because of the small amount of resources and a lot of competition. The service of boosting professions will allow you to collect resources and create items of the highest level.
  • World of Warcraft Mount boost will provide you with mounts with 60% or 100% increased mount speed. You can buy a 100% mount boost and get the opportunity to ride your fast mount!
  • WoW Classic Gold boost purchase service is relevant at any stage of the game. WoW gold is always needed, for consumables for raids, for enchants for equipment, for flights and much more. The farm of gold is long and tedious, so we offer you help in the form of a boost on WoW Classic gold.
  • WoW Classic Honor Farming is another very relevant service. For Honor, you can buy the best PvP equipment, Honor Farm can provide you with prestigious titles. And some players compete in the number of honorable kills that are obtained during the farm Honor on the Battlegrounds.
These are the most basic boosts of WoW Classic, but there are many other services that are popular among players. For example, attunements and access to various raid dungeons of World of Warcraft Classic, WoW Classic reputation boosts, completing difficult quests, getting pets, getting WoW Classic mounts and others. If you did not find the desired WoW Classic boost, this does not mean that we will not be able to do it. Contact us and we will find the best WoW Classic boost options for you.Our team in the market for about 10 years. We have established ourselves as an honest and conscientious team and cooperate with trusted boosters. We give guarantees for the performance of any services by us and always make refunds for losses incurred through our fault. Our team will be happy to help you with any boost related to WoW Classic.