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LoL is a very dynamic real time game which combines strategy, speed, reaction and teamplay. Two teams with a very large champion choice (the list of which constantly grows bigger) fight on different maps for the right to become best of the best. By any means the teams should vanquish each other and destroy the enemy’s crystal (called Nexus). On different maps there is a different number of playrers (5v5 or 3v3) aswell as the different number of lines. By increasing your champion’s level during the game, you empower yourself and the team by learning even more powerful skills. In LoL there are also different items which give extra bonuses which give you different powers. They require gold to be purchased, gold can be farmed during game while you are killing enemy creeps and champions. Also by leveling your account (summoner) you will be able to get even more power.Upon reaching level 30 of your summoner, you will be able to participate in rated games. This is actually the most interesting part about LoL. For each ranked game you will get or lose hidden points called Elo , and depending on that you will meet rivals of different skill levels. In LoL there are 7 tiers: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, Master and challenger. Each tier is separated into leagues of 250 people. In each league there are 5 divisions (starting from 5th - it’s the weakest). To get into the particular division and league you will need to play 10 placement matches and the more victories you get, the higher your league and division will be.There are also many skins for champions and wards in LoL (changing of appearance). This doesnt give any in-game advantage but gives an opportunity to stand out among other players. It’s always a pleasure to hear when people write “nice skin” to you in chat :)Regretfully it’s as positive as it may look from the start. To achieve success in LoL and constantly win over your opponents, you will need to buy many champions and earn much experience. Without good champion choice on your account you will be a weak player and won't be able to play LoL on good level. LoL takes much time and nerves, that’s why our services exist to save your time without weakening your interest to the game!
  • You like the game very much, you know MOBA genre perfectly, but all your friends have already leveled to level 30 and are playing rated games. And you don’t want to spend your free time for solo-leveling and wish to join your friends as soon as possible? We will help you with LoL Account Leveling!
  • Having started mastering different roles you understand that you need to get many account levels for getting containers with champion shards? We will help you get champions in LoL!
  • Or you accidentally performed badly in your first rated games and got into so-called Elo-Hell, and extremely weak players don’t let you get higher rating, where the game is muuuuuch more interesting? We will boost LoL Placement matches or boost LoL rating for you!
  • You want to learn from the most experienced and famous players who will help you to know this wonderful game much better? We will provide you LoL coaching!
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