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Like in any game, in the LoL you will have a long and not very pleasant leveling until you reach at least level 30 – not an individual character’s level, but your summoner (account) level. There is no cap for account levels, at the moment a player is known who has leveled his LoL account to level 300. Why is level 30 is the milestone you need to get to as quickly as possible? Because at your account’s level 30 you can play ranked games, which is the main objective in LoL.

Changes to the LoL account leveling:

In addition to the fact that the LoL account has no level cap now, the changes also affected the rewards. Previously, while you leveled you received the game currency IP, for which you could buy heroes, rune pages (which were removed from the game), talents (which are now masteries). Talent points are now free after reaching level 15, you just have to distribute them according to your preference for roles in the game. How to buy heroes now? In fact, as before, playing LoL and earning experience. After getting to the next level you get a capsule from which you get parts of heroes, having collected the necessary amount you can create a hero. If you got shards on a hero that you already have, then you can disassemble them into a blue essence and create the ones you need from it. That is why the account levels cap has been removed, you can get an unlimited number of levels and get capsules for them to collect all the existing champions in the LoL.

Why you should order account leveling:

By ordering LoL account leveling boost you save your time and nerves, because you don’t always get adequate players who know their roles and the champions they choose. Now, when the limit of account levels is gone, and for leveling you get the necessary items to buy heroes, the LoL leveling service has become very relevant. We guarantee fast and high-quality leveling of your account in LoL without using third-party programs and breaking the rules of the game.

  • Account sharing is required.
  • Experience boosts.
  • We do not ask for access to your email – we only need login and password to access your account.
We work only with professional players (Diamond/Master/Challenger). Some LCS level players are among them. Of course, we do not disclose players’ names for their safety, but we can assure you they are best of the best.
No. We will not touch your RP/IP. If our player wants to buy some runes/champions, we will ask you first if we can do it.
Yes. You can specify any time convenient for you while placing an order or notify about it our operator in Skype, Live Chat feature or by email.
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  24. Ordered LoL account leveling 1-30 (Ultra + IP) and Coaching, after 5 days account 30 level, nice guys, a special thank for the coach! everything is explained in the game. SY


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