WoW - How to equip in BFA 8.1
The latest expansion of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is already half a year old and the first major update 8.1 has recently been released – The Waves of Vengeance,. New players do not stop to arrive in WoW, and old people do not stop leveling alts (additional characters). But after reaching level 120,
Tomb of Sargeras Sale

Tomb of Sargeras Sale!

You have always wanted to get better equipment for your characters, but it was always too expensive? Or maybe you are a successful raider as well, but you lack time to gear your alts and wait for Heroic boosts to become cheap? Well, you are lucky now! Best guilds of the world have finally ended
New Mythic+ Rewards

New Mythic+ Rewards

Hello, fellow users of! We would like to announce there will be a change in rewards for doing Mythic+ which take place immediately. Now the cap for maximum reward from Challenger’s Cache got buffed to item level 900, which is accessible for doing Mythic+15. This means you can do Mythic+15 this week, and on