Buy The Recluse Pinnacle – Destiny 2 game Crucible Submachine Gun

Recluse Pinnacle submachine gun has a poweful perk “Weapon Master” which gives a short boost to damage after each kill made with Recluse Pinnacle. This weapon has “void” damage, shoots 900 shots per minute and has 36-bullet magazine. You can get it by completing a Crucible quest. For that you will need to fill Wins scale in Crucible matches to 100%. For each win you will get 1% progress. To track your progress you will need to enter the game menu, Triumphs tab, Crucible sub-menu and find it in Glory Ranks.

Buying Recluse Pinnacle submachine gun Destiny 2 in our shop you will get:

  • 10 Level Masterwork The Recluse Pinnacle Crucible Submachine Gun Curated Roll.
  • Crucible The Stuff of Myth Triumph.
  • Crucible Season 6: Glory Streak Triumph.
  • A lot of Crucible Gear and Weapons from 40+ matches.

Features when ordering Recluse Pinnacle boost:

  • Generally boosting takes about 3 days, after order was processing.
  • All our boosters are internally tested and go through a trial period and as a result we select only the most reliable and proven boosters.
  • Our players don’t use prohibited third party software, bots or cheats to speed up progression of your order.
  • When doing Recluse Pinnacle boost we can stream or do screenshots on different stages of the boost, if you request it.
  • The Mountaintop boost is possible on: PC, Xbox, PlayStation.
  • All gear, weapons, tokens and materials, gotten while we are boosting, will be kept by your character or on mail.

Weapon perks:

  • MASTER OF ARMS: Kills with any weapon improve this weapon’s damage for a short time
  • Lightweight Frame: Superb handling. Move faster with this weapon equipped
  • Polygonal Rifling: Barrel optimized for recoil reduction. Increases stability
  • Ricochet Rounds: Rounds ricochet off hard surfaces. Increases stability. Slightly increases range
  • Feeding Frenzy: Kills with this weapon increase reload speed for a short time

Requirements for The Recluse Pinnacle Crucible Submachine Gun boost:

  • Account Sharing.
  • Forsaken Story Campaign completed.

At this point in Destiny 2, the maximum level of the character is 25, upon reaching which the various actions will be unlocked. Opening some events also requires a certain level of Power.

In Destiny 2 there is such a parameter named Force (it is also called power or light). Upon reaching the 25th level, this parameter will become the main one for access to various events.

Time of completion greatly depends on your chosen options. You can clarify completion time asking our managers.

By default your Power in Destiny 2 is not considered as a general indicator of the equipment you are wearing, but sums up all the things you’ve got. If you have an item in the inventory that gives Power, but you do not equip it, it will still be credited to the overall score of your Power.

Yes. We are boosting Destiny 2 on PC, Xbox or PlayStation.

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