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Players will have to choose one of three factions in New World. You will be able to join one of three factions: Covenant, Syndicate, or Marauders. The Covenant is a righteous organization, a religious order dedicated to keeping the magic of Eternum out of the hands of heretics. You must raise your faction’s reputation in order to acquire access to the Covenant’s greatest armor. This is a long and laborious process in which you must accomplish hundreds of quests that are all the same.

New World Covenant Reputation boost service is designed to assist players in improving their standing with the Covenant Faction. Players will gain new powerful gear, armor, faction tasks, and other useful PvP perks by rising through the Covenant rep ranks. Covenant Faction boosting, which we sell, is the quickest way to reach Adjusticator rank.

Buying New World Covenant Reputation boost you will get:

  • With the Covenant faction, you have a certain reputation rank.
  • The service only allows for account sharing.
  • The booster, at his discretion, selects the most efficient method for completing your order as quickly as possible.
    To go farther, each Covenant rank requires a different amount of reputation farmed, thus it’s crucial to pick the proper option before buying this item.
  • A significant amount of currency – Faction Tokens – was lost in the process.
  • The following are the accomplishments of the New World Covenant: Humanity Protector – reach Templar rank; Soul Defender – gain Excubitor reputation level; Divine Justicar – Lumen status with the Covenant; An Arm Of The Spark – Adjudicator rep, awards with the title – Covenant Adjudicator.
  • During the boost, all gold, resources, and equipment gained will be saved on your character.


  • Time to complete New World Covenant Reputation boost 5-7 days.
  • With higher rankings, a greater number of Faction Tokens are dropped.
  • Our booster may, for example, level professions, acquire resources, boost certain weapons, participate in expeditions, or simply complete missions.
  • You can start the boost whenever you want or spread it out across several days.
  • You can order other New World services in corresponding Section.


  • Account sharing.
  • Character in the Covenant.
  • Character level corresponding to the desired rank.
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