Why many players so want to get to the Top 500 rating table in Overwatch?

Every season in Overwatch the Top of 500 Players list is determined (by the rating of competitive games). Lists a little – they are divided by a game platform and regions in these platforms. Since 4th season of the rule of receiving awards for the Top of 500 players have changed. Earlier to you was to take once the place in the Top 500 enough and at observance still of some conditions at the end of the month you received excellent awards. That now for receiving these awards you will need to keep in the list of 500 players on the end of a season. Such system has been entered for increase in prestige of these awards and now it became extremely heavy to take the place in this list.

Which awards Top 500 players can receive?

  • At observance of all requirements at the end of a season you receive:
  • Animated graffiti.
  • Badge of a game profile. And in the form of a bonus you receive a large number of Victory Points. For the highest rating taken in a season (more 4300 rating) and for victories in competitive games during implementation of the order.

Which requirements to receiving awards at the end of a season?

Unfortunately for receiving an award at the end of a season it is simple to be included in the list of 500 best players a little. There are some more conditions:

  1. You need to have not less than 50 victories in competitive games for whole season. If you aren’t sure that you have 50 victories, then you can use our service and by means of the convenient calculator to order the necessary number of victories in competitive games.
  2. You have to win back 7 competitive games every week. If you don’t win back 7 rating games weekly, then your rating will be automatically downgraded. But there are different life situations, you can be away on vacation or go to a business trip for some time and not have an opportunity to come into a game. For such cases we have made for you additional service: our performer will play for you several competitive games in a week, you can choose the number of weeks.

How pumping of the Top 500 players in Overwatch is carried out?

After payment of service our performer will take in the appointed dates to you a high rank, and by the end of a season he play again for the rating demanded to hit in the Top 500 players in your region. Such system of performance of service the most practical as by the end of a season persons interested to be included in the Top list 500 increases and the required rating grows. ATTENTION! If you have ordered this service not in the last week of a season, then you have to win back every week not less than 7 rating games, otherwise your rating will be downgraded.

You can use an additional option and our performer will win back for you 7 rating games weekly. If you want to keep statistics of games on a certain hero, then that you can order the additional option “Game for a Certain Hero” having told the desirable hero our manager in Skype: boosting_pro or in Live Chat on our website. Our performer will play whenever possible on the heroes chosen by you. But you have to understand that it isn’t always possible, the heroes sometimes chosen as you can be already busy.


  • Account sharing.
  • You have level 25.
  • The completed placement games.
  • We only ask for login and password. We will NEVER ask for secret answer or access to your email.
  • During the boost we will ask to disable authenticator if possible or configure it so it doesn’t ask for code on each login. For us to login we need you to provide us the code.


After making payment the mail with confirmation that the order was placed and being processed will come to your E-mail. After that our managers will surely contact you to discuss details about the order and time when you want it completed. You can play at any time but the time it’s settled down for the completion of your order. Also, for the completion of your order you should do the locking-unlocking process of the account.
We work only with professional players who play on 4000+ SR and know all tips and tricks for Overwatch. We do not disclose players’ names for their safety, but we can assure you they are best of the best.
In total in Overwatch is 100 levels, having reached a maximum you promote (a star on a portrait frame), and your level will be dumped to 1.
For participation in rank matches you need 25 level.
If you don’t want to risk the rating because of losses in placement games or you just have on it no time, then you can use our services and order the Overwatch Placement games.
If you are interested in boosting Skill rating in Overwatch higher than 4000, then contact our manager in Skype: boosting_pro or in Live Chat on our website for specification of details.
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2 reviews for Top 500 Ranking Boost

  1. Got exactly that I wished for! Superb communications from beginning to end, skillful boosters. i’m glad i chose this service!


  2. Great experience! Friendly Skype contact that kept me notified throughout my entire Overwatch TOP 500 ranking boost order and an excellent service provided in game. HIGHLY recommended this guys


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