Gold farming

Gold farming in Hearthstone.

In Hearthstone there are two main ingame currencies – gold and arcane dust. Normally the player starts his Hearthstone adventure without a single penny in his pocket, but over time you will receive lots of gold from different sources. Let’s take a look at them:

  1. In the very start of the game you will receive a series of “Basic” quests which include: game mode win, 3 wins in game mode, level 10 on any class. For these quests you will receive new card packs and some gold.
  2. Opening of all class characters (play against them in any game mode) will bring you 100 gold.
  3. Winning every class character while playing practice mode on expert difficulty will bring you 100 gold.
  4. You will also get more gold for 100 and 1000 wins in any game mode. Each of these achievements will grant you 300 gold.
  5. Upon reaching level 10 with every character class (and opening all neutral cards) you will be rewarded with 100 more gold.
  6. For opening all cards in the game (at least one of each) you will receive 100 gold.
  7. Every day you will receive a daily quest worth 40/60/100 gold.
  8. The 40 gold ones are the most often ones, so it’s recommended to cancel those dailies and you will get an auto-change of daily quest that will give you a chance to get daily quest of higher value. All those quests are mostly about winning defined amount of the games with one of the classes or dealing some damage to the enemy.
  9. Every 3 wins in game mode (normal or ranked) will grant you 10 gold as a prize.
  10. The hardest but the most profitable source of gold is arena. The arena entrance costs 150 gold, the game lasts till 12 wins or till 3 losses. Statistically 3 wins will give you 30-40 gold, 5 wins – 50-60, 7 wins 150+, for 10 wins 200+, for 12 wins 225 to 500. There is also a guaranteed card pack after each arena visit, which means that even with 3 wins you spend your gold rationally, and with 7 wins or more – you get all your gold back and make arena mode “infinite”, because you have won more than you have paid.

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