The first raid dungeon in Battle of Azeroth is Uldir, which is located in the heart of Nazmir. This abandoned laboratory of the Titans, in which destructive experiments on the Ancient gods had been conducted for the long time, was sealed. But something has again awakened in the depths of Uldir and the seals, which kept all the horrors of those experiments locked up were broken. Heroes of Azeroth once again have to stand up for their own world and clean up the laboratory of Uldir.

In Uldir, there are eight bosses and a partially non-linear system of killing them. The first two will have to be killed in order: Taloc and after him, MOTHER. Next, you need to kill three bosses in any order which is convenient for you: Fetid Devourer, Zek’voz, Herald of N’zoth and Vectis. This ends the choice and the last three will have to be killed in the established order: Zul, Reborn, Mythrax the Unraveler and the final boss G’huun.

How to go to Uldir?

The Uldir raid dungeon is on the Zandalar continent, in the Nazmir location. Having reached Nazmir you need to move to the center of the location named Heart of Darkness and go down the pit. The entrance to Uldir is indicated on the map by a green circle.

Brief description of the bosses in Uldir

Taloc. This is the first boss you will meet in the raid. Taloc has two main phases with short breaks, during which players need to spread puddles on the ground (they do damage), and these puddles have to be actively destroyed by tanks.

MOTHER. The second boss in Uldir. It also has two phases. Players will have to run from one side to the other through the defensive fields, receiving AoE damage from them, the fields also create additional monsters. This boss is a check on how much the raid can perform in a coordinated manner.

Fetid Devourer. This boss strikes with special reinforcement in melee, but does not impose negative effects on tanks. Each fourth boss attack deals 300% damage to the nearest target to the tank. Therefore, it is considered a test for tanks. In addition, the Devourer knocks players back, uses powerful breath attack and spawns additional monsters, which prevents the whole raid from standing still.

Vectis. Like the first two boss has two main phases. The first boss imposes a debuff on the players, which deals periodic damage. When these effects dissipate, they are transferred to other players, greatly weakening them (increasing the damage taken from nature magic). During the second phase, the raid needs to catch bombs scattered from the boss, the not caught bomb will turn into an aberration.

Zek’voz. This boss has many different phases and is quite complicated. His abilities are often superimposed on each other and often a new pull is not like the previous one. At different moments, Zek’voz spawns monsters who have different abilities, these servants must be controlled (crowd control spells, stun, fear and use any other available methods). The last phase is perhaps the most difficult – Zek’voz begins to take control of the players and the more, the more members of the raid are in MC. Therefore, the raiders need to save their damage abilities for this phase and kill the boss as quickly as possible.

Zul. It is the sixth boss. In the first phase, Zul summons a large number of monsters to help him, which the tanks need to collect and gather up so that the rest of the raid members can quickly destroy them (using AoE spells). The second phase begins when Zul has less than 40% health. The boss starts pouring puddles of blood on the floor, causing periodic damage to the entire raid.

Mythrax the Unraveler. Eighth boss of the raid. The boss’s mechanics are tied at the health level of raid members. When a player takes damage, a negative effect is applied to him, which reduces the maximum health by 1%, also dealing damage from Shadow damage once every 3 seconds. This debuff can be captured using fragments by collecting them. Tanks and players with a small amount of health need to actively collect fragments and try to get less damage.

G’huun. The final boss of the raid dungeon Uldir has three phases. The first two phases force the raid to split into groups to distribute on top platforms. This is required in order for players to deliver power matrices to the titanium device, and it is in the back of the room. Once the device is charged, it will stun all monsters for 24 seconds, increase their damage taken by 100% and in addition cause additional damage to everyone in the room, including the raid.



Useful information about Uldir:

  • In this raid Glory of the Uldir Raider is done with a reward Bloodgorged Crawg.
  • You can get a Feat of Strength Ahead of the Curve: G’huun.
  • You can get the title Famed Slayer of G’huun for Hall of Fame: G’huun (Alliance) or Hall of Fame: G’huun (Horde).
  • In LFR (for 25 players), loot of 340+ ilvl drops.
  • In normal mode (from 10 to 30 players, using a flexible system), 355+ ilvl items drop.
  • In heroic mode (from 10 to 30 players, using a flexible system), the items are ilvl 370+.
  • In mythic mode – the most complex raid mode, available only for 20 people, ilvl 385+ items drop
  • Tier 22 items drop from Uldir raid.. The whole armor is divided into 4 types: cloth, leather, mail and plate.



The schedule for the opening of Uldir:

  • September 5 – the opening of the raid in Normal and Heroic difficulty.
  • September 12 – the opening of the raid in Mythic difficulty. The first wing (Halls of Containment) will be available in the LFR – Taloc, Zek’voz, MOTHER.
  • September 26 – the second wing (Crimson Descent) will be available in LFR – Vectis, Zul, Fetid Devourer.
  • October 10 – the third wing (the Heart of Corruption) will be available in LFR – Mythrax, G’huun.