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Albion Online belongs to the family of hardcore MMOs. Hardly this multiplayer world was opened before gamers, as it was rushed to compare with the cult Ragnarok and Ultima Online. Cross-platform allows you to enter the game from any OS, including Android. Absence of pronounced classes does not cancel financial costs – you will want to buy silver Albion Online one day.

You can get silver in several ways: by killing mobs, crafting weapons and armor, accumulating resources. An important point – the resources in Albion Online “are not endless.” The developers have provided for a number of restrictions, so there is nothing to catch in zones where wealth is hunted by a crowd of gamers. Therefore, the majority of players in practice have to resort to different tricks: move more and search for “untouched” locations, join the guild and form teams to reflect the danger in the pharmacy of silver-bearing locations, to search for ruffian mobs. But the game becomes much easier when you can buy silver Albion Online on the and do not have to spend much, because stock prices are much lower than store prices.

  • 1 000 000 Silver in Albion Online – 2$
  • 2 000 000 Silver in Albion Online – 4$
  • 10 000 000 Silver in Albion Online – 20$
  • 50 000 000 Silver in Albion Online – 100$
  • 100 000 000 Silver in Albion Online – 200$

What is Silver in Albion Online?

Silver is the most common form of currency traded in the Albion Online world. Silver can be used for nearly everything currency-related within the world of Albion. Whether you need to repair your gear, purchase items from the marketplace, or even launch attacks on your enemies, Silver will help you with all of it!

Advantages of buying silver Albion Online at the BoostingPro

Albion provides a lot of opportunities for boosting and learning the skills of the character, but the lack of silver makes the process slow and tedious. Constantly playing in Albion Online, silver will have to buy for several reasons: for the pumping constantly required resources, armor and weapons at “serious” levels are expensive, opponents are developing faster.

The question arises: where does the purchase of silver promise the greatest benefit? Those who go to the online store make a fatal mistake. Prices in stores are sky-high, no guarantees, the currency is pumped to the account slowly. Shops tend to sell silver Albion Online more expensive, because they make profit from speculation.

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