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With a release of patch 6.2, Blizzard will release a new raid dungeon – Hellfire Citadel. It will feature 13 bosses, with last one of those being Archimonde. All PvE guilds will be rushing to this raid to gear up – some will be going through Heroic with multiple raids to gear up characters as much as they can in order to progress through Mythic fast, some will just be slowly progressing through Normal or Heroic. We have been working very hard discussing this possibility with our PvE guilds, who weren’t willing to give out loot to the customers on first weeks of the patch but finally agreed – and are offering you a unique opportunity of participating in one of pros’ Heroic raids with 30 unsaved characters on a first week and looting completely everything for your spec as well as getting valued achievements and a Feat of Strength which LFG-tool raidleaders hunt for while gathering their raids! Getting this Feat of Strength on the first reset will push your reputation in other players to the limits as it incidates of an immense skill!


Account sharing for this service is desired, selfplay is possible too for extraordinary money. This procedure is nothing you should fear of – your account is absolutely safe with our team. People who pilot your account are boosting since 2010, they know absolutely everything about boosting ethics – they will never reply to your friends, chat with anyone or in any way show that it’s not you playing. Plus, these raiders use VPN services provided by in order to no-one, including Blizzard, being able to tell our booster from you – it will just look as if you’re playing from another apartment or just changed router. Our staff doesn’t keep your account data anywhere, and raiding teams delete it as soon as boost is done.


By purchasing Hellfire Citadel normal boost from, you will get:

  • Friendly Customer Support who can speak proper English, spoken or written.
  • Achievement Bastion of Shadows for defeating Tyrant Velhari, Shadow-Lord Iskar, Socrethar the Eternal;
  • Achievement Destructor’s Rise for defeating Fel Lord Zakuun, Xhul’horac, Mannoroth;
  • Achievement Halls of Blood for defeating Kilrogg Deadeye, Gorefiend, Hellfire High Council;
  • Achievement Hellbreach for defeating Kormrok, Iron Reaver, Hellfire Assault;
  • Achievement The Black Gate for defeating Archimonde;
  • Achievement Time is a Flat Circle for defeating Archimonde and “The King of Green” Garrison Monument Reward;
  • All loot for your Main Specialization;
  • We guarantee that you will get at least 9 items in this boost. If you happened to get less in the first raid, we will take your character to the raid on next reset for free.


  • Gear requirements: NONE
  • Loot system: Master Loot
  • Raid size: 30-man



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Minimal order sum for this service equals


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