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When you begin playing WoW, you may encounter a problem with judging your game level sufficiently. If there’s no one who can criticize you and give you pieces of advice such as: how to improve your skill, what you shouldn’t do on arenas and where you should focus your attention – your ladder progress may stuck for many seasons.

Often if you want to achieve high ratings – you’ll have to play thousand of games to face all the difficulties and unusual situations which may occur during the battle. We offer you best European and USA players who will help you raise your skill level much faster. We will share our experience, discuss all your mistakes and show the examples how to avoid them in future.

You shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes. But we can guarantee, that after taking lessons from us you will almost stop making them!
WoW arena coaching is offered in 2v2 and 3v3 brackets. The way we do it depends totally on your preferences. Generally beginners start their way up the ladder playing 2v2, where you can understand basics of game mechanics, balance and get a common vision of arena. That’s why we advice to play 2v2 with our specialist, Gladiator of many seasons, who will share all his secrets with you.

If you already know what’s needed from your class on arena and have some basic experience – then we’d suggest starting to take lessons in 3v3 bracket. You can order playing with 2 Gladiators at once or call your friend to play with only one specialist. This type of training is way harder than 2v2 but that’s why we are here – to help you overcome any difficulties! There are also another ways of training: e.g. we can watch your stream and tell you about your mistakes, give solution on how to fix them, what you shouldn’t do and what you should focus your attention on. Our players can acoompany you in skype, on arenas, they can be your teachers whom you may ask any questions. Boosting.pro can do anything!

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