World of Warcraft

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World of Warcraft is an MMORPG, where many players meet each other every day to fight for land and glory. In this huge, mysterious world everyone can become a great Hero. World of Warcraft is a game with big history with many races and cultures led by warchiefs, kings, princes, ladies, high shamans and many others. On the land of Azeroth there are many battles and wars between people who’ve been enemies for thousands of years, though some of them live in peace helping each other. In this game you’ll have to pick one of the sides that includes many races and tribes. You can become an honorable Alliance hero or a proud warrior of the Horde. But you will have the same goal – victory!

Even the most violent wars between races of Azeroth can never be compared to those terrific forces that threaten the existence of the world. From the very depths of Azeroth rise gigantic legions of terror led by ruthless Ancient Gods, which are ready to swallow the world any second. An unkown creature – the incarnation of evil itself, rises an army of undead from the hardened ice of northern continent waters. It is going to annihilate all living creatures on its way. There are also remorseless forces of chaos and destruction that look upon Azeroth from unreachable depths of the world, waiting for a moment to burn everything in fire and chaos. World of Warcraft is an opportunity to take an adventure into an awesome world with exciting quests, and who knows, maybe You are a hero that will decide the destiny of Azeroth in a company of your friends.

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