In 6.2.3 patch Blizzard added Mythic difficulty mode to all dungeons. Mythic Draenor dungeons are all very hard to complete but offer decent rewards in return. This mode is made for small groups of players who prefer difficult content, and as an alternative way of developing the character – since not every player has time to do raids. So if you dont have an experienced team or you lack the gear – you can always buy a 8/8 Mythic Dungeon service from us and save lots of your own time.


Buying this service, you get:

  • 8 achievements for clearing Mythic mode dungeons;
  • All loot that drops for your class;
  • Valor points that allow you to upgrade your equipment;
  • Chance to get a Heirloom trinket (explained below).

When you order a 8/8 Mythic dungeons run you get a chance of getting a Heirloom trinket for level 100 characters, which will scale up to level 110. There are 5 trinkets and they are class-restricted. The main feature of those trinkets is they all give +10% damage against demons, which is going to be very valuable in Legion expansion.



  • Quick execution of the service. Service will be completed within 6 hours at the working time (1PM CEST – 1AM CEST)
  • We value our customers and their accounts, so our players do not use any bots or 3rd party software;
  • Transfer is not needed – we run everything through



  • Level 100 character
  • In case of account sharing we’ll need your login and password from account – we don’t need your secret question answer or email access
  • Give us access code if needed.



This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions – 8/8 Mythic Dungeon

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