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There is a lot of mounts in World of Warcraft, lots of them can be used without restriction but there are class mounts as well. Every class mount has a unique effect for mount-up and dismissal, in example warlocks’ and paladins’ mounts leave a beautiful trail, and Monks trained their tigers to speak. Mounts will be available to all characters of given class on the account. To obtain class mount several objectives must be done. Mainly, complete final part of class campaign, including a special themathic scenario. It will be available after:

Having those completed you will obtain a default class mount. There are few colours too, they can be unlocked via various ways:

  • Purchased in Class Hall for 1000 resources. You have to have your Artifact fully leveled to purchase that.
  • Some classes have changing colors when changing specialization.
  • Druids have color depending on race of the character.
  • Some classes have just one mount, so as a bonus you can receive a pet or a toy, in example Tiny Warglaives for Demon Hunters or Ban-Fu, Cub of Ban-Lu for Monks.

Almost all class mounts have different color version depends from spec or even from Artifact model:

By ordering Class mount service you will additionally recieve:

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