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The New World  Faction Tokens farm boost is the quickest way to earn the in-game factions’ major money, which can be farmed and used at your faction vendor in the main towns. It’s used to purchase faction-specific gear, which is quite valuable even for high-level characters.

Using the New World Faction Tokens farming service will allow you to avoid doing daily assignments in your faction center and instead focus on accumulating the necessary quantity of faction points in New World to purchase all of the greatest equip from the quartermaster.

There are numerous methods to obtain great items for your character in the New World game. One of the simplest ways is to purchase it from your faction’s vendor. However, faction tokens are required to purchase factional equipment. To obtain tokens for complete equipment, you must accomplish dozens, if not hundreds, of faction quests.

If you want the booster to also collect rare resources using the gathering trade skills during token farming, then select the appropriate option.

Ordering New World Faction Tokens Farm you will get:

  • Selected number of faction tokens: Marauder, Covenant or Syndicate.
  • Some amount reputation with your faction.
  • Several Faction missions have been accomplished.
  • Territory Standing and Character Experience
  • Other goods obtained as a result of the enhancement.


  • The following are the approximate timeframes for farming faction tokens: 1000 tokens: 1-2 days; 3000 tokens: 2-3 days; 5000 tokens: 3-5 days; 10,000 tokens: 7-10 days.
  • You can order the collection of resources during New World Faction Tokens Farm.
  • Because it is not dependent on other players or PVP components, the most dependable method is to search portals and finish any faction tasks you can find.
  • You can order other New World services in corresponding Section.


  • New World account.
  • 10+ character level.
  • Your faction vendor unlocked.


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  1. nice boost


  2. fast faction tokens farm! ty


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