Buy Valorant Placement Games Boost

After unlocking Competitive Play (to do so you need to play 20 Unrated Games) you can enter Ranked Matchmaking and earn your Rank. To do so you have to play 5 games which will determine which Rank and Tier you will be placed into – those games are called Placement Games.

You also have to play Placement Games each time as new season starts. But note – if you were already placed last season, you only need to play 3 placement games!

Valorant Placement Games are crucial for determining your initial Rank in a season – so we advise to delegate that part to experienced and professional players if you aren’t feeling sure that you’ll win most of them.

What do you get by ordering Placement Games?

  • We will complete any amount of Placement Games you order, from 1 to 5.
  • A headstart in current Valorant ranked season
  • No bots or hacks will be used – only manual work.
  • Boosters with rank Immortal or higher
  • After completing Placement games you can order Valorant Rank Boost

Conditions of Valorant Placement Games service

  • If you order 5 Valorant placement games, we guarantee 4 out of 5 wins. In case our booster loses more than one game, you will get an extra net win.
  • If you get placed higher than your last season rank, the service is counted as completed.
  • You can choose “selfplay” option, then we will assign you a booster to carry you through all Valorant placement games.
  • With “selfplay” option there are no win rate guarantees.
  • We guarantee 100% anonymity and safety of your account.
  • We never share any of your account details with anyone.
  • Shortest terms of execution after the order was paid for.
  • You can choose “Stream” option – you’ll be given a Youtube/Twitch link of your boost so you can watch it!
  • You can choose “Specific Agents” option – you can choose one or more Agents we will be doing boost with, just write them down in Order Notes!
  • You must have Competitive Mode unlocked
  • Account sharing (if Selfplay is not selected)
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