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When you reach the maximum level in World of Warcraft, you can start fighting alongside your friends for rating on Rated Battlegrounds. The better your rating is, the higher quality gear reward you can earn each week from first win chests. And in the end of season you will get a title corresponding to your Rating.

What is a Rated Battleground in World of Warctaft?

Rated Battleground, commonly referred to by WoW players as RBG, is a team-based combat on a Battleground, for playing on it you receive Artifact Power, Honor points and Rating (same as Arena). The point of RBG is to win a match with the help of well-thought and sometimes cheeky tactics. After some changes made the RBG is played only in 10v10 format. There is a matchmaking system present on the RBG too, it seeks for the opponents of your skill level – that equals the chance to win for each team, and it’s decided if you win or not only by tactics and execution.
The map for every Battleground is unique, there are various buildings, fences, slopes, walls, trees and much more that can be used in the battle, diversity in maps allows to invent various strategies, because strategy is a key to winning a RBG!

The player with a high rating will find better players for good teamplay. In such situation the matches will be a lot easier and more fun to play. In that way the wins will come in a blink of an eye. The personal RBG rating will grow, as well as a personal skill, because you can only progress yourself with a players better than you.

You can calculate the amount and price of specific rating that is needed exactly for you with the help of our tool. The specialists of our service, that are multiple gladiators of past seasons, will help you earn any RBG rating up to 2400 points.

Buying the service of obtaining the RBG rating from us, you will get guaranteed rewards, such as:

  • Accurate RBG rating, according to the order.
  • lots of Artifact Power and Honor
  • Some random ilvl gear drops
  • progression on RBG achievements (such as Fearless Combatant and other)

Accomplishment terms:

  • Our service partnered with the multiple gladiators of past seasons , that allows us to provide fast and comfortable execution to our clients (when self play mode ordered).
  • Fast execution – the service is done within 1-7 days from the payment completion.
  • We value highly our customers and security of their accounts, so our players do not use any bots or 3rd party software. No any win-trades.
  • Character transfer is not required, we assemble group through
  • Phased execution may be done.


Requirements when ordering rating up to 2200:

  • Level 110 character.
  • Minimum item level of 820+.
  • Minimum Artefact Weapon level of 13+.
  • Minimum Honor level 25+.

Requirements when ordering rating up from 2200:

  • Level 110 character.
  • Minimum item level of 850+.
  • Minimum Artefact Weapon level of 26+.
  • Minimum Honor level 50.

General requirements for Arena Rating boosting service:

  • Account sharing.
  • We only ask for login and password. We will never ask for secret answer or access to your email.
  • For this service we will ask you to disable authenticator or configure it so it doesn’t ask for code on each login.


After making payment the mail with confirmation that the order was placed and being processed will come to your E-mail. After that our managers will surely contact you to discuss details about the order and time when you want it completed. You can play at any time but the time it’s settled down for the completion of your order. Also, for the completion of your order you should do the locking-unlocking process of the account.
1. After you pass us your account data, our player will try to log onto your account. After that you will receive an E-mail (to the mail what’s your account is attached to) with a notification that you have to change your password. In the mail there will be a link, when you click it you’ll be redirected to site, and there you will be able to reset your password.

2. After receiving confirmation that the password was reset, you should immediately close account and don’t check if the password is working or not. If you would do it, we’ll have to repeat this procedure over and over again.

3. Then you’ll have to tell this new password to us, and we’ll pass it to the player. We want to let you know that sometimes it’s needed to change password two or three times.

As soon as our player can log in onto your account, we’ll contact you again for future details.

You need to specify your current rating in 2v2 in first input field. And in
second field you need to specify which rating you want to get.
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