Path of Exile Labyrinth Boost

In Path of Exile, Action RPG developed by Gear Games company, Labyrinth plays a crucial role for all characters’ development – it unlocks Ascendancies, has Divine Font for enchanting your items and chests with loot. First, you have to complete Trials – rooms filled with traps and monsters – during leveling and mapping. Completing Trials gives you access to Labyrinths – Trials in Act 1-3 open Normal Labyrinth, Trials in Act 5-7 open Cruel Labyrinth and Trials in Act 8-10 unlock Merciless Labyrinth. Completing Labyrinth for the first time will open your character’s Ascendancy Classes and reward 2 Ascendancy Skill points, while further Labyrinths will grant 2 Ascendancy Points each, up to maximum of 8. Trials randomly generated on Maps open access to the most rewarding and difficult Uber Labyrinth. Uber Lab has the best loot and enchantments in game, so people farm it a lot to get BiS enchantments for their build. Although not every build is a boss killer and has enough single target DPS or survivability to handle Uber Izaro, so often PoE Labyrinth boost is a necessity.

Buying PoE Labyrinth boost from us, you will get:

  • Completion of Labyrinth of your chosen difficulty;
  • 2 Ascendancy Points for first time of completion of each difficulty Labyrinth;
  • Several uses of Divine Font uses (minimum two per Labyrinth – you can have the booster’s Font, you can also further amplify it by Twice Enchanted prophecy and Lab Darkshrine);
  • Loot from Labyrinth and Labyrinth Chests.

Features of PoE Labyrinth Boost:

  • Account sharing is not necessary – you can play your own character during the boost, but act safe!
  • Boost takes up to 30 minutes in our working time – 1PM-1AM CET
  • You can order other Path of Exile services in corresponding section.


  • For first 3 Labyrinths you have to unlock Trials of Ascendancy. If you don’t have them unlocked, use the additional option “Unlock Trials of Ascendancy for me”;
  • For Uber Labyrinth boost you have to unlock six Map Trials. This is best achieved in /global 820.
  • For Normal Labyrinth you have to be Level 30;
  • For Cruel Labyrinth you have to be Level 55;
  • For Merciless Labyrinth you have to be Level 65;
  • For Uber Labyrinth you have to be level 75+;
  • If you don’t have the required level, you can use our PoE Leveling Boost service;
  • Act safe in the Labyrinth! Don’t rush before the booster and don’t enter boss room before clearance from the booster!
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