In expansion Warlords of Draenor brave defenders of Azeroth again meet with forces of an unruly Legion, the truth this time has led greed of one of Time dragons to the fact that hordes of the Iron Horde have intruded in Azeroth through the Dark Portal. Conducted by Garrosh Orcs of Draenor councils at the beginning haven’t given in on Gul’dan’s tricks and didn’t become slaves of the Legion, but unfortunately, only for some time. Later the Iron Horde has been broken and weakened, Gul’dan nevertheless has forced Orcs of Draenor to drink demon blood and to summon Archimond to Draenor.

Many new factions comes in game with Warlords of Draenor expansion and bring some very good rewards as well. Our boosters can help you with farm Exalted reputation with any faction. Check manager in skype or in live chat if you didn’t found needed faction here.

Here is a list of all Warlords of Draenor addon reputions:

Arakkoa Outcasts – neutral faction of Arakkoa refugees in Draenor.
Some rewards of Arakkoa Outcasts:

Council of Exarchs / Frostwolf Orcs – Draenor starting levelling zones factions for Alliance and Horde.
Some of their rewards:

Alliance (Council of Exarchs)Horde (Frostwolf Orcs)
Permanent Time BubblePermanent Frost Essence
Contract: Cleric MaluufContract: Karg Bloodfury
Draenei Micro DefenderFrostwolf Pup
Council of Exarchs TabardSwift Frostwolf
Dusty RockhideFrostwolf Tabard
Council of Exarchs achievement
Prelate title
inv tabard a 01frostwolfclan Frostwolf Orcs achievement
of the Frostwolves title

Laughing Skull Orcs / Sha’tari Defense – Draenor starting levelling zones factions for Alliance and Horde.
Some of their rewards:

Alliance (Sha’tari Defense)Horde (Laughing Skull Orcs)
Soul Evacuation CrystalTickle Totem
Contract: Vindicator HeluunContract: Cacklebone
Sha’tari Defender’s MedallionBone Wasp
Sky FryGolden Visage of the Laughing Skull
Armored IrontuskIronside Warwolf
Sha’tari Defense Tabard
inv tabard a shataridefense Sha’tari Defense achievement
Peacekeeper title
Laughing Skull Orcs Tabard
inv tabard a 80laughingskull Laughing Skull Orcs achievement
Masked Chuckler title

Steamwheedle Preservation Society – neutral faction in Nagrand, which looking for old relics from ogres ruins.
Some of their rewards:

Vol’jin’s Spear / Wrynn’s Vanguard – Ashran PvP special zone in Warlord of Draenor with 2 factions from Horde and Alliance
Some of their rewards:

Alliance (Wrynn’s Vanguard)Horde (Vol’jin’s Spear)
inv talbukdraenor white Pale Thorngrazer ability mount talbukdraenormount Breezestrider Stallion
%s, Sword of Wrynn title%s, Spear of Vol’jin title

Hand of the Prophet/Vol’jin’s Headhunters – Alliance and Horde special factions in Tanaan Jungle (last content patch in Warlords of Draenor)
Some of their rewards:

Alliance (Hand of the Prophet)Horde (Vol’jin’s Headhunters)
mount ability mount felboarmount Deathtusk Felboar mount ability mount felboarmount Deathtusk Felboar
inv chest cloth draenei c 01 Karabor Councilor’s Attire inv frostwolfpup Frostwolf Grunt’s Battlegear
inv garrison blueprints3 Equipment Blueprint: Unsinkable inv garrison blueprints3 Equipment Blueprint: Tuskarr Fishing Net
inv garrison blueprints3 Equipment Blueprint: Tuskarr Fishing Net inv garrison blueprints3 Ship Blueprint: Battleship
inv garrison blueprints3 Ship Blueprint: Battleship inv garrison blueprints3 Equipment Blueprint: Unsinkable

The Saberstalkers – neutral faction in Tanaan Jungle. Hunters for rare and danger beasts.
Some of their rewards:

Order of the Awakened – group of arakkoa survivers, they looking for apexis artifacts in believe that its will help them restore their people.
Some of their rewards:



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