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World of Warcraft is one of the most popular MMORPG around the world. More than 100 million players play to conquer a huge world with a wide variety of occupations, where everyone can find his favourite thing to do. The main ingame currency in WoW is gold. It is needed for pretty much everything: consumables (food, potions, bandages), buying equipment, mounts, pets and variety of other goods. Generally those goods are expensive, and to accumulate a needed sum from doing quests and killing monsters one would need big amount of time. Buying WoW Gold is a simplest way of getting any amount of gold on any server.

WoW Gold is being bought not only by new players (who simply don’t know how to farm gold efficiently), but by experienced players as well (who value their time and don’t want to waste it on killing mobs/doing quests). Buying WoW Gold will speed up the development of your character as well. When your character reaches level cap, you can just buy everything needed for comfortable playing on high level with gold. In example you can buy starter PvP equipment and dive into epic PvP battles immediately, or buy good PvE equipment, find a proper team and jump into raiding! You might want to level your Professions (there are lots of professions in WoW!) and you will need gold for quicker leveling of your profession skill. Buying fastest mount in game for gold is also worth a notion.


  • Goold transfer is done within 30-60 minutes (at our working time 1PM CEST – 1AM CEST) after completing the payment and noting the delivery method. Delivery time may increase if you buy very large amounts of gold. Our operators are ready to answer all the questions about buying WoW Gold on Skype: boosting_pro or on LiveChat on our website.

Do you want to buy WoW gold right now? not only offers small prices, quality and speed of the service, our site also guaranteed 2x gold compensation, if game administration would take the gold away from you, since we value our customers and their safety. We sell gold that is ONLY accumulated by legal means, we don’t scam other people for gold or use third party programs for farming it – our WoW Gold is clean!


Delivery methods for WoW Gold currency:

  1. Face to face trade
    In the center of one of the capitals – Orgrimmar for the Horde and Stormwind for the Alliance. Gold is passed to you in exchange you pass on any trash loot / gear, which will make it invisible to the GM.
  2. Mail delivery
    We send gold by mail to the name of your character. It is convenient in cases, if you buy gold, without the opportunity to immediately get it. And also at night.
  3. Delivery through the auction:
    You put up for auction absolutely any thing for the right amount of gold, and we redeem it. This is the safest way to buy gold in the world of warcraft
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  1. Fast delivery as always!


  2. Awesome thx


  3. Very fast delivery! I’m buying a third time. I recommend this service.


  4. Thank you! Used the first time and I think not the last …. thanks again


  5. Fast delivery and easy to buy. Very happy with their service.


  6. Fast, easy & safe. Received a gold almost immediately.


  7. Recieved gold within minutes, will use again and tell friends.


  8. Convenient, easy and quick


  9. Just got my gold. Very fast and nice help from chat operator. Thank you.


  10. Always buy gold here. Fast and safe! Thanks


  11. купил 4 ляма норм


  12. Got my gold in 4 parts (ordered 1 million) safe =). Recommend.

    Mohamed Nan

  13. Order was fulfilled fast. Surprised they found so much gold on my dead server!


  14. Thanks! Everything went fast and smooth.

    Alex Zing

  15. everything went smooth, I made a mistake in character name oO, but problem was resolved thanks to the kind operator


  16. Using for a long time already, happy to see the gold services working good 🙂


  17. Received my gold within 20 minutes. Thanks.


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