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Pokemon Go services

Pokemon GO, a game for mobile devices, appeared relatively recently, but gained the attention of the whole world very quickly. This product of Nintendo and Niantic Labs has attracted people who havent even seen the cartoon once to the game. Pokemon GO is a multiplayer roleplaying game with elements of Augmented Reality for smartphones and tablets based on iOS and Android. Key feature of this game is overlay of virtual objects on a real world map. 

How do I download the game?

The main secret of the success of the game is the ability to catch the fantastic Pokemon characters in the real world. The game is not released in all countries, but don’t fret, multiple sources say it’s not that bad! If the game is not released in your country yet, you would need to perform multiple actions in order to make it work: download an APK file, create Apple ID mentioning another country. Important notice: player’s age, it should be over 18. Then you would need to login to Apple Store and download the game.


What’s the essence of Pokemon GO?

Main feature is the presence of another reality, where the player can catch Pokemons – fantasy characters. All action takes place in the real world and the real map. Pokemon can be found anywhere in any city, town or rural area. Player must move through the area to seek and catch Pokémon.


How do I catch Pokemon?

An indicator in bottom right corner of the screen will help you to catch Pokemon. It will show you where Pokemon is hiding. Three tracks mean Pokemon is far, two tracks – closer, one – very close. To catch the creature, you must hit it with Poke Ball. The success rate depends on monster’s hitbox – the smaller it is, the bigger chance you have. Number of Poke Balls is limited, so don’t waste too much.


Where do I get Pokeballs?

Poke Balls and other items for enhancing your Pokemons or making catching process easier can be found at Pokestops — blue marks on the map. The Pokestops are located everywhere – at sights, trading centers and so on. When you see such mark, you can get closer to it, then it will “open” to you. Spin it and you can get pokeballs, pokemon eggs and many other items. Blue marks are everywhere on the map, so keep track of them!


Pokemon Eggs

In addition to catching Pokemon using pokeballs, there is another way to add a Pokemon to your collection. Some Pokestops you would stumple upon will contain Pokemon Eggs – item you must put into Incubator and walk a certain distance in real world for Pokemon to be hatched. To speed the process up, you can use public transport. Eggs are divided into 3 types – common, rare and very rare – for hatching of respective eggs you must walk 2, 5 or 10 km.


Leveling Pokemons

When players catch or grow new pokemons, they get experience – used to increase the Trainer Level, which, in its place, allows to catch stronger pokemons and receive better rewards from Pokestops. After you reach Trainer Level 5, you can join one of three Teams (choice is yours), which allows battles for Gyms. These gyms are always located in the places where a lot of people are, and in these gyms players can compete with each other for control over the map and Prestige. You can train your pokemons only in Gyms your team owns, so the gyms battles are essential for the gameplay.

All pokemons are different from each other by those features:

  • The element to which the Pokemon belongs;
  • Weight;
  • Combat points (CP);
  • Features of fighting techniques.

Battles in gyms are real-time. To be successful in battles you should have good collection of strong pokemons. To train Pokemons well you need a lot of candies and Stardust. During the battle your pokemon may be damaged and can even die – but Pokemons can be healed and revived using special items – potions and revives – obtained at Pokestops.


How can we help you?

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