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How to ride a mount in World of Warcraft?

Upon reaching level 20 you can obtain your first mount. To do this you will have to buy an Apprentice level riding skill , by learning it you will increase your mounted speed by 60%, there you will also be able to buy your first mount (what the mount will be depends on your race) and get an achievement “Giddy up!”. The second riding skill – journeyman – can be obtained upon reaching level 40, you will increase your mounted speed by 100% and get an achievement “Fast and Furious”. Upon reaching level 60 you will learn an Expert riding skill, that will increase your mounted speed by 150% and will allow you to get a flying mount and give an achievement “Into the Wild Blue Yonder”. Upon reaching level 70 you will be able to learn an Artisan Riding skill, that will increase your mounted speed by 280% and grant an achievement “The Right Stuff”. And at level 80 you will be able to increase your mounted speed up to 310% and get Master Riding skill plus an achievement “Breaking the Sound Barrier”.

But that’s not everything that improves your mounts. At level 60 you will be able to fly in Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor and Outland, for this you will have to learn Flight Master’s License. If you want to conquer the skies of Northrend, then at level 68 you will have to learn Cold Weather Flying , without this skill you will not be able to fly. Same with Pandaria, you can fly only at level 90 after learning Wisdom of the Four Winds. Also after completing a quest chain and getting Honored reputation with Cloud Serpent Order you will be able to learn Cloud Serpent riding and become an owner of these beautiful chinese dragons.


Different types of Mounts in World of Warcraft.

There are regular mounts you can buy for in-game currency from your race’s trainer, there are mounts, that you can get for specific achievements and reputations with different factions, there are mounts that you can buy in Blizzard store (in World of Warcraft section), there are mounts you can get with help of different professions, and there are mounts that you can buy with special loot codes that drop from card decks (such as spectral tiger), many mounts can also be obtained via achievements, there are also mounts you can get on faires and festivals…. And many more.

All mounts in WoW are separated into 3 types: ground, air and underwater. The most popular are currently flying mounts, since they’re the fastest and the most comfortable, and during the flight you can’t be attacked. But in some locations you can’t use flying mount, that’s why ground mounts are popular aswell, though underwater mounts are very rare and unpopular since there are not so many underwater locations in World of Warcraft. Most of them are for character leveling only. But true WoW mounts collectioneers can’t be stopped by this, since they want to obtain all available and non-available mounts regardless of their classification. WoW Mounts shop: