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Rank Boost

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We will help you climb the ladder to any Hearthstone rank you would like, including Legend! With help of our convenient calculator you can order your boost in couple clicks! Our boosters will finish your boost within 1-3 days.



When you just start playing ranked games, your rank is considered level 25. Between ranks there is a stars system – from 2 to 5. That means that after the very first victory your rank will become level 25 plus one star. To achieve the next rank you will have to conquer maximum stars count in the current rank, then win one more game. Up to rank 20 you will not lose stars even if you lose, but starting from rank 20 each victory will grant you one star, but each loss will take one star away. That means that if you lose few games in a row and lose all your stars in a particular rank – you will be dropped to a previous rank where you’ll continue your attempts to climb higher and higher. A series of two wins also activates a Winstreak which lasts till your first loss. The win in a ranked game while winstreak is active grants you two stars instead of one.

How to get the legend rank in Hearthstone?

When you reach rank 5, winstreak is off and your further adventure in the ladder up to Legendary rank will be very hard. The Legend title is awarded to a player who can climb higher than rank 1. Starting from rank 5, each division will have 5 stars to earn, which means that climbing up to legend will require a very high win-loss difference, higher than 25. That is extremely difficult and only few players can handle the challenge in their region. Usually in the end of the season in every region there are only 2-3 thousand players who manage to reach legendary rank. It’s also worth a mention that ranked season lasts only one month, after that the ladder gets reset and the race starts all over again. In the start of each season the player receives some bonus stars equal to his rank in previous season. This was made so the players, who were on the highest positions of ladder in previous season, would start the new one higher than the players of mediocre skill level. So they don’t each other and save themselves their nerves and fun. In the Legend rank there is a personal ladder where each player has his own unique number.

Features of the service:

We have added an additional feature for you – Hearthstone rank boost without account sharing! This boost is done using sharescreen. There are two options – though for any option our booster needs a stable connection to your PC.

  • Skype sharescreen. Our booster calls you on Skype and you turn Skype Screen-share on and he controls your gameplay (tells you what to do). Service is available in English and Russian, as you prefer. You should be at the PC during the service.
  • Teamviewer. You need to install that program, launch the game and give us your Teamviewer connection details, so our booster can connect to your PC. During the boost you won’t be able to use your PC but you can watch the game from your screen!


  • You get the rank you ordered.
  • If you order a Legend rank, you also get unique card back.

Time of completion:

In average, time of completion varies from 1 to 3 days, depending on difficulty of your order. If the order needs more time to get done, we’ll be sure to let you know in advance!

  • Battle.net account sharing
  • If you order a Legend rank, you must have at least one of the meta-decks
  • If you order Hearthstone boost without account sharing, your internet speed should be 2 MB/s or more.

You can get answers to all questions using Live Chat on the website Boosting.pro or skype boosting_pro in the working time (1PM CEST- 1AM CEST).

After your order is finished our system will send you a message on Skype and email. You can also check status of your order by PMing our operator using Live Chat on the website Boosting.pro or skype boosting_pro in the working time (1PM CEST- 1AM CEST).

Our certified booster who works for us for several years already will play on your account, so you can be sure your account is super safe. Our team consists only of top-level players who score high-rank legend every season.

Yes. You can play all other games in your Battle.net client while we boost.

Every season starts on the 1st of each month and lasts for a month. If you order a boost in the end of the month, please take note that we might need up to 3 days to complete your boost!

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4 reviews for Rank Boost

  1. Fast boosting of rank at the end of the season! Thank you so much!

    Rated 5 out of 5


  2. Сервис действительно работает =) что очень радует, спасибо, буду постоянным клиентом)

    Rated 5 out of 5


  3. Best boosters I ever met!!!! 😉


  4. Glad i found this site. Got my leg boost in 1 day. Thank you so much.


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