Hearthstone Arena is a great way to earn valuable prizes such as Gold, Dust for creating cards, several cards and booster packs. Most experienced players tell to spend all your gold only on Arena runs, and they’re right. In Store you can buy a booster pack for 100 gold; on Arena though, after paying 150 gold you can get a guaranteed booster pack as well as additional rewards scaling with amount of wins you were abie to achieve in the run. Arena runs are made equal for all players, the runs are independent of your rank and card collection, and you’ll anways be matched with players of similar skill level and win/loss ratio, which enforces a healthy competition. But that doesnt make Arena easier – no! Firstly, some heroes just are better on Arena than others. Secondly, you will need to assemble your deck step-by-step from the offered cards, which can be difficult at times. And thirdly, the Arena strategies arent set in stone because of deck assembling system, as you never know which cards you’ll proceed into Arena with.


What will I learn after getting arena coached?

After you complete this 3-hour course you’ll learn which heroes have an advantage on Arena and why, which heroes are easier to play. You’ll also get valuable insight on assembling your Arena deck – although the cards are always random, we’ll help you understand what cards are your goals in the specific run. We’ll tell you which strategies you should stick to, we’ll also tell you what mistakes are most common in Arena and how to avoid them. And of course you’ll be able to ask your coach about anything you want to know.

Additional options: Purchasing additional option “Arena run until 3 losses” 2-3 hours are required. This service may take more time in some cases.

Time to complete the course: 3 hours.


  • Hearthstone account
  • VoIP program to contact your coach (tell our manager what program you have)
  • 150 gold to get into Arena
You can get answers to all questions using Live Chat on the website or skype boosting_pro in the working time (1PM CEST- 1AM CEST).
After your order is finished our system will send you a message on Skype and email. You can also check status of your order by PMing our operator using Live Chat on the website or skype boosting_pro in the working time (1PM CEST- 1AM CEST).
Our certified booster who works for us for several years already will play on your account, so you can be sure your account is super safe. Our team consists only of top-level players who score high-rank legend every season.
Yes. You can play all other games in your client while we boost.
You will need to purchase expansions in most cases, since this cards will give you advantage over other players. If you have any troubles completing an expansion, you can ask us for help.
We are cooperating with the best Hearthstone Players, who play on Legend Ranks and are participating in different tournaments. We cannot disclose their nicknames for security reasons.
Of course. When payment is done, contact our manager to schedule your coaching.
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