Glory of the Hellfire Raider is a meta dungeon & raids achievement earned for completing the listed Hellfire Citadel raid achievements. It rewards an epic ground mount, the Infernal Direwolf. Hellfire Citadel was originally referred to as simply “the Citadel”, and was built as the fortress of Blackhand, the first Warchief of the Horde. After the orcs’ abandonment of the elemental spirits, the area around it became known as Hellfire Peninsula, and thus the citadel was given its current name.


Glory of the Hellfire Raider service includes:

  • You will meta achievement Glory of the Hellfire Raider, consisting of 13 achievements: Nearly Indestructible, Waves Came Crashing Down All Around, A Race Against Slime, Pro Toss
    This Land Was Green and Good Until…, Non-Lethal Enforcer, Echoes of Doomfire, Turning the Tide, Don’t Fear the Reaper, Get In My Belly!, I’m a Soul Man, You Gotta Keep ’em Separated, Bad Manner(oth).
  • You will get mount Infernal Direwolf.
  • You will get all the loot on your spec during the run.
  • Description of options of Glory of the Hellfire Raider service:

Boost takes about 1.5-2 hours of your time. Raids schedule is every day for Horde and Alliance.



  • Level 100 character.
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  • Provide authenticator code (if needed).



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