Glory of the Legion Raider meta-achievement includes 26 various achievements which can be completed in legion raid instances of Emerald Nightmare and yet to be opened The Nighthold. Each achievement is unique and difficult in a way, not having a prepared and ready team to do some of these achievements is difficult, completing all of them – unreal. At this moment it is not possible to complete 17 achievements since they can only be done in The Nighthold which will be release this winter. You can pre order this service and be one of the first owners of wonderful mount, the moment second raid is released.

Reward for doing Glory of the Legion Raider achievement is a ridable mount – Grove Defiler. This scarlet moose will be a great addition to your collection of mounts and will look awesome in Broken Isles environment. You can not only use it as ground mount, but as a flying mount also. Although, flying in Legion is not yet allowed.


What exactly will i get by ordering Glory of the Legion Raider?


Time for completion:

Some achievements are completed only in the second raid, The Nighthold, which will be released this winter(exact date is not yet known). We will complete the Glory of the Legion Raider boost during two weeks after top 20 guilds in the world will clear this raid instance.

  • Level 110 character.
  • Minimum item level of 810 on given character.
  • Account sharing or Selfpaly (additional option).
  • We only ask for login and password, we will NEVER ask your secret answer or access to your email.
  • During the boost we ask you to disable authenticator if possible or just disable prompt for code on each login.
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