New Legion version of Brawler’s Guild is released in 7.1.5 patch. All fights now tuned to level 110 and new inv misc coin 17 Brawler’s Gold currency introduced, which can be acquired in fights (needed to exchange for Rumble Cards and group buff items. There is achievement for it – farm 20 000 inv misc coin 17 Brawler’s Gold (inv misc coin 17 You Are Not The Contents Of Your Wallet). Also added new Rumble Fights – raid-style fights, where everyone in Brawler’s Guild participates in fight. Achievement, where you need defeat all Rumble fights – inv moosemount Rumble ClubAll brawl fights now have 8 ranks of difficulty. Upon reaching rank 8 you will get spell holy fistofjustice King of the Guild achievement with reward Brawler title.

And other new achievements:

Of course Brawler’s Guild have many new rewards for ranks, which can be bought from their quartermaster, such as teleport rings 875 ilvl, Class Hall Champion: Meatball, battle pets and qool mount inv basaliskmount Brawler’s Burly Basilisk (rank 8).

Accomplishment terms:

All Brawler’s Guild options will take 1 day nearly. And 885+ gear needed for this service.

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  1. Had a great experience. Very easy and safe.


  2. Excellent customer service. Very fair and honest. Fast responses and delivery. Now I found my boosting site number One 😉


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