Buy Battle of Dazar’alor Raid Boost

We offer you a Battle of Dazar’alor Boost raid services. Battle of Dazar’alor – this is the second raid in the WoW Battle for Azeroth. War comes to Zandalar. Separate faction experiences. Experince the other side of the story. 9 new boss encounters.


Siege of Zuldazar

  • Different than any raid before.
  • The enemy is the opposite faction, with separate faction experiences.
  • Alliance start at the docks and climb the pyramid, eventually fighting King Rastakhan.
  • The Horde will defend the city, starting outside on the far north of the pyramid. They fight towards Rastakhan, which will be the middle of the raid for them. They then fight Alliance forces down towards harbor, ending with Alliance commanders and Jaina on the high seas.
  • This is two separate six boss experiences.
  • After completing the faction specific experience, you’ll be able to experience the other 3 faction bosses that you didn’t get to experience firsthand.
  • There are a total of nine new boss encounters.
  • We’ll see a new interior of the pyramid that we’ve never seen before.



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