We offer you services for completing Battle for Dazar’alor raid. Nine new bosses with unique mechanics, two new mounts, new gear, new factions – all of this awaits you in Dazar’alor.


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The majestic city of Dazar’alor, which has been in the heart of the powerful Zandalari Empire, for centuries has peacefully existed and not being involved i the endless wars of the Horde and the Alliance. The city was famous for its strong walls, which weathered more than one hundred assaults. But the relatively peaceful life of Dazar’alor came to an end when war came to the lands of Zuldazar, and the Alliance troops laid siege to the golden pyramid in the hope of breaking the link between the great Zandalari empire and Horde.The second raid dungeon of the BFA expansion, Battle for Dazar’alor is already waiting for players. The raid is available in four standard modes (LFR, normal, heroic, and Mythic) and nine bosses are located outside the walls of Dazar'alor. But some of the bosses are individual and depend on the attacking faction. This was done due to the fact that the Horde is the defending party, and the Alliance is the attacker.