In this catalog you can buy third BFA raid Crucible of Storms boosts (raid consists of two bosses), such as: Crucible of Storms Normal run, Crucible of Storms Heroic run and Crucible of Storms Mythic run.


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The third raid of BFA will be Crucible of Storms. This raid is a reference to the Ancient Gods - thus subject is something WoW fans are fond of and it has been constantly present in the game since its launch. There are two bosses in Crucible of Storms — minions of the Ancient Gods, from whom the world of Azeroth must be cleansed.The Restless Cabal, called from the depths in order to return the three relics of ancient power. The council consists of Restless cabalists who serve N'Zoth and unquestioningly carry out his will. While Zaxazj talks about the promises of power, Fa'thuul crushes opponents with brute force.Uu'nat, Harbinger of the Void. When Queen Azshara made a pact with N'Zoth, Uu'nat, as the most devoted minion of hers, also began to serve the Ancient Gods. Uu'nat with its hordes of creeping creatures is a harbinger of the return of the host, predicted by the stars.Technically, a mini-raid Crucible of Storms will resemble Trial of Valor, which was in Legion expansion. The release date of the raid is not yet known, but we assume that access to the raid will be open one to two months after the opening of the Battle for Dazar'alor raid. The Crucible of Storms will be a small addition to patch 8.1.

Crucible of Storms Raid entrance?

The entrance to the Crucible of Storms raid is located under the Shrine of Storm, which is located in the Stormsong Valley area, on the territory of the Alliance. Soon there will be a chain of quests associated with Xal'atath, which will lead us to the Crucible of Storms. Most likely, it will begin with the fact that we have to go through the portal with the help of the “dagger” spell and meet Xal in depths in order to enlist her help. Perhaps with the help of these quests and the Crucible of Storms raid we will again encounter Artifact weapons.