In the life on any guild there are a moments, when for some reasons, the key players (either raid-leader, tank, healer or dd, that performs a special task) cannot participate in the raid. In this case you should reschedule or cancel the raid, or spend a lot of time to teach a player to perform a new, specific and responsible role. Also there may be such factors as insufficient damage to defeat the boss or a qualitative management by the raid-leader.

But do not let this factors wreck your raid or to turn it into the many-hour struggle! With this service you can rent an experienced players of any role or a raid-leader from the world’s top 20 guilds, that are geared with best-in-slot mythic equipment. This will help you to defeat your problem-bosses or even to perform a full clear of any raid dungeon on highest difficulty. Standart time of renting is 4 hours, but you can order even more time as an addition.

Buying the service of Renting a player from us, you get guaranteed benefits, such as:

  • Renting a player for 4 hours to perform a raid tasks (more time also available as an additional option).
  • Maximum efficiency of performing the assigned raid tasks.
  • Maximum possible damage or healing and survivability of a hided player.
  • When hiring the raid-leader, using the most effective strategies and clear voice commands.

Accomplishment terms:

  • Our service partnered with the top world guilds, that allows us to provide comfortable wipeless runs to our clients (when self play mode ordered) and fastest execution.
  • Fast completion.
  • The renting service is available at any comfortable for you time.
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