Only for one week , until 18.07.2017, Timewalking Black Temple raid was added to the game. All nine bosses of the original TBC Black Temple await you. To the surprise of the majority the raid turned out to be extremely hard if you do not have a team that has killed the bosses back in The Burning Crusade. You have less than a week to clear Timewalking Black Temple raid and receive its rewards.

You can receive equipment of item level 900 (possibly warforged up to 915), pets, and complete Disturbance Detected: Black Temple quest, which will grant you 500 Timewarped Badges. To get into Timewalking Black Temple you should gather a group of 10-30 people, fly to Shattrath, speak to Vormu just at the center of the city, and queue for the raid.

Good news is that players who have Warglaives of Azzinoth will receive I’ll Hold These For You Until You Get Out achievement after killing Illidan Stormrage in Timewalking The Black Temple raid and will be able to use the transmog on their demon hunters!

Because of the fact that there is only a week to clear Timewalking Black Temple raid, and lots of players won’t be able to do it without help of the others, we have created this service. Your character will be taken into Black Temple raid with Personal Loot system and kill all 9 bosses. There is an option for taking part into the battle yourself – “Selfplay”.

WARNING! Don’t forget to take Disturbance Detected: Black Temple quest from Vormu before participating!

Completion time for this service is 1 day.

  • Level 110 character.
  • Account sharing.
  • Item level does not matter.
  • We only ask for login and password. We will NEVER ask for secret answer or access to your email.
  • During the boost we will ask to disable authenticator if possible or configure it so it doesn’t ask for code on each login. For us to login we need you to provide us the code.
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