Silver – game currency in World of Tanks. Silver is required in large numbers on purchase of tanks, boosting of crew and many other things. Farm of silver takes a lot of time, and because of weak players it is possible to impair a little your in-game statistics. What to do for farm of large amount of silver without harm for the account and statistics? To order from us service of silver farm on a premium tanks and doesn’t worry about the statistics.

We have made for you convenient service for purchase of silver in WoT. For this purpose you need to choose the region on which you play, the speed of a farm and the necessary amount of silver. We’ve added a few options which will allow you to share the process with your friends or save it for yourself:

  • Stats screenshots after battles.
  • Replays recorded with WoTReplays.
  • Video with the highlights which you can later upload to Youtube and show to your friends.

What will i gain by ordering WoT farming silver?

  • The ordered amount of silver (on average we farm 1-3 million per day).
  • Average level of victories of 60%.
  • 700-1500 experience per battle.
  • ~150 frags per 100 battles.
  • EFFICIENCY 1600-4000.

You can find additional information from our managers through Skype: boosting_pro or in Live Chat on our website.

  • Premium account.
  • Premium tank 8+ lvl. 7 level is possible, if you have E-25 or SU-122-44.
  • Allow our booster to fit three modules of his choice.
  • Allow our booster to retrain crew as he sees fit.
No, we do not buy WoT accounts.
No. It’s usually not allowed, because playing alongside our booster is a different service called Coaching (you can order it separately). Our boosters value their and your time.
We work only with professional players (80%+ winrate and 3+ year gaming experience). We cannot disclose players’ names for their safety, as we guarantee confiudentiality not only to clients, but to players as well.
No. We care about safety of your accounts and use only allowed modifications.
We guarantee integrity of your account. After you give our operator your login, you keep full control over your account (email access, secret question) and you can change password anytime.
If you don’t have the machine required, you can use our tank leveling service and fill your hangar with required tanks.
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