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Do not forget that referral system works only on certain servers: EUW, NA, EUNE, TR, BR
We are the only Service that provides each referral account a unique IP address, which makes it completely unbannable by Riot. We have never had any problems with Referral System and none of our customers got banned.

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League of Legends is a MOBA computer game developed by Riot Games. The game was announced October 7th 2008 and was released October 27th 2009. The game is based on a multiplayer WarCraft III custom map – DotA. This game is a mix of RPG, RTS and also has some MMORPG elements.

To achieve success in LoL and have a good win ratio you will need to purchase many champions, runes and earn much experience. Without runes and champions you will be very weak player and you won’t be able to play well. Our service helps you to earn Riot Points and Influence Points through the referral program of League of Legends, which is much cheaper than buying Riot Points for real money.

A referral in League of Legends is a person invited by you to the game, and who grants you certain bonuses when he reaches level 10. offers fast and qualified League of Legends referral levelling.

A link to referral leveling you will always be able to find in your account management on official League of Legends website. Your referral link is needed for us to level referral accounts for you. There is a new reward system for level 10 referrals, you can learn more about it in the text below or on site – —

As soon as your referral gets level 10, you earn different rewards:

  • 1 referral – 500 IP, Recruiter Forum Title and Badge;
  • 2 referrals – 500 IP;
  • 3 referrals – 500 IP;
  • 4 referrals – 500 IP;
  • 5 referrals – 500 IP and a Rune Page;
  • 10 referrals – 975 RP;
  • 25 referrals – Exclusive Grey Warwick Skin, Warwick Champion and Senior Recruiter Forum Title;
  • 50 referrals – 2,000 RP and Medieval Twitch
  • 75 referrals – 4,000 RP;
  • 100 referrals – 10,000 RP and Master Recruiter Forum Titlec;
  • 150+ referrals – 5,000 RP for every 50 referrals after 100;