WoW - Legion Dungeons

WoW Legion – Dungeons

World of Warcraft (WoW) Legion – Dungeons

5-man dungeons in World of Warcraft are one of the main features in the game and each member of the group has a role in this exciting adventure! Players will meet face to face with the dangerous enemies, be it either scary monsters or cunning villains. To complete this trial in any of the dungeons and any difficulty your group must be united, knowing your role (each role is equally important), motivated and with common interests, which lead to successful completion of the dungeon.


Dungeons of Legion Expansion

With the Legion Expansion release players will face new exciting and challenging battles in new instances. So, what exactly awaits the players in new patch?
Vault of the Wardens
Vault of the Wardens – Secret and well guarded, it is here where Wardens were keeping the greatest threats to the Azeroth, including the body of Illidan Stormrage and his demons hunters along with other not any less dangerous and frightening monsters. Deep under the soil of Isle of the Watchers, in Azsuna. Vault is guarded with boundary spells and defence systems which were built specifically for neutralizing both incoming threats and the ones within. Legion Army wouldn’t been able to find the way inside if not for the treason of Cordana Felsong. There was a time when she was the epitome of honor and loyalty to the cause, but after Gul’Dan violated her mind she will be remembered as a weapon which inflicted a devastating wound to the Wardens.

The Arcway<
The Arcway – There is a vast network of tunnels underneath Suramar and its coverage even exceeds the one of the city itself. The Nightborne race is alive and well thanks to the Nightwell, waters of which circulates in the city’s Catacombs. These intricate tunnels were dug several thousand years ago. Citizens which live here now, in Suramar, in buildings so immense and majestic have absolutely no clue what lives underneath their feet. The final boss Advisor Vandros is the right hand of Elisande and adept at harnessing the arcane magic of the well.

Court of Stars
Court of Stars – Patrols of Legion are roaming the luxurious streets of Suramar, but the nobleman if Nightborne race still cling to their old habits and continue to have a good time. Soon, the grandest estate in the quarter will open its doors for the biggest, fashionable and festive event. Some say even the Grand Magistrix Elisande will come and honor citizens with her presence to encourage them in this hard times. Advisor Melandrus accompanies Elisande everywhere. He turned himself away from magic to the energy of the Nightwell and perfected his reflexes and movements to extreme precision and speed.

Black Rook Hold
Black Rook Hold – During the War of the Ancients, this was the defence line against the Burning Legion. Lord Ravencrest birthplace, who was the teacher of the Illidan Stormrage himself. It was carved from the stone of great mountain in Val’sharah by the elven stonemasons. After Legion attack a very strange, dark magic siphons from the hold. Spirits that remain here bring terrors to the lands surrounding. Final boss Kur’Talos Ravencrest – the lord of the fortress was betrayed and killed by one of the Queen Azshara’s servants during the War of the Ancients. But while Gul’dan was performing a ritual on Illidan Stormrage’s body from Vault of the Wardens, energies released brought Lord Ravencrest and others back as undead.
Neltharion’s Lair
Neltharion’s Lair – Neltharion Earth-Warder lived here, but to most of us he is known as Deathwing. Drogbar occupy this place, which worshiped the huge dragon and after his death they made this lair their capital. Leader of Drogbar, Dargrul has gathered up a huge army underneath this land. Relying on the great power of Hammer of Khaz’goroth, the army can invade Highmountain.
Final boss is Dargrul the Underking is known as most powerful king after Deathwing. He killed High Chieftain Ulan to seize the artifact and now uses its power to destroy everyone who dares stand in his way.
The Eye of Azshara
The Eye of Azshara – Near the coast of Azsuna, a powerful source of power is hidden underneath. There was a time when this lands belonged to Queen Azshara, but her followers are still trying to find the Tidestone of Golganneth. They are getting ready to summon the Wrath of Azshara – the final boss of the dungeon and one of Queen Azshara’s followers, who was chosen to become her weapon and wash away all the inhabitants of the land.
Maw of Souls
Maw of Souls – Eternal glory awaits the greatest vrykul warriors in the Halls of Valor, but those cursed and weak are sent to Maw of Souls. It is here they await their Nalfgar, the dreaded ship on which they will sail to helheim to the fallen val’kyr Helya.
Final boss Helya was betrayed by titanic watcher Odyn – she was killed and her spirit transformed into a spectral val’kyr, now she is a ruler of Helheim, underworld of cursed and fallen vrykul.
Darkheart Thicket
Darkheart Thicket – Nightmare in the shadow of the Tree of Life – Shaladrassil. Elder druids tended to these woods once, keeping every tree safe and meditating at the roots of Shaladrassil. Now – chaos, madness, corruption are the only things to be witnessed here.
Nightmare Lord Xavius made a deal with Sargeras and has helped Legion to invade Azeroth.
Hall of Valor
Hall of Valor – In the sky above the city if Stormheim, titanic watcher Odyn gathered greatest vrykul warriors. They were tested for their might and power to be prepared for battle to come. You will claim your right for the Aegis of Aggramar, but before that you need to prove yourself in the trials of Odyn.
Titanic watcher Odyn, the final boss was cursed by Helya and is now trapped inside Halls of Valor along with his army.
Assault on Violet Hold
Assault on Violet Hold – During the reign of the Lich King in the Icecrown Citadel, after the attacks of servants of Malygos on the prison of Dalaran this fortress was repaired and in its cells are now occupied by the Lich Kings most dangerous followers. Now, when Dalaran is the defence point against the Burning Legion, the threat inside the hold can deal a crushing blow to Kirin Tor.


The difficulty modes of the Legion dungeons

Loot system and difficulty of Legion dungeons are somewhat different from the Draenor expansion. Blizzard remove the Challenge mode and added new mode instead – “Mythic+”, you will find more information below, along with loot and its item level changes. Players can complete 5-man dungeons on difficulties such as:



The easiest one which you can progress through while leveling your characters. From level 98 you will be able to access to 4 dungeons: Neltharion’s Lair, Eye of Azshara, Darkheart Thicket, Halls of Valor.
One more dungeon will be available once you reach level 105 and it will be Assault on the Violet Hold while the the rest you can access on level 110.
On this difficulty you will discover new locations, enemies and most important – new bosses! In normal difficulty item level of loot will be 805 and above.



To access Heroic mode dungeons, level 110 will be required and your equipment item level must be 810 and above. For all dungeons in this mode the health and damage of monsters and bosses will be increased and some will get more dangerous versions of abilities.
In Heroic mode the item level of dropped equipment will be 825 and above.



Mythic dungeons have even more added difficulty and item level of equipment dropped is increased accordingly. In short – you dont want to go there without proper equipment. Once you get nice gear you will want to gather your most skilled friend or ask our consultants for help if you don’t want to spend the next 2 hours in the company of untested and as it often happens, not very pleasant people.
In this mode the equipment dropped is item level 840 and above. Also, after completion you will be awarded with Mythic Keystone, which you will need for Mythic+ difficulty.



Here is where the real challenge is. To access dungeons in this mode you will need Mythic keystone which you get for completing dungeons in Mythic difficulty. In Mythic+ mode the dungeon is timed and you will not get any loot from bosses, but if you manage to complete it you will be rewarded with loot which is tailored specifically for your class and specialisation. There is also a chance for a higher level of Mythic Keystone to drop. For completing, says, level 2 dungeon enemies will have 16% more health and damage, meaning 8% increase for each level. For completing Mythic+15 you will be rewarded with the exclusive transmogrification for your weapon.


Considering the difficulty of this mode and the struggles which comes when you can’t manage to assemble the right people to achieve the results which you crave for – our team is always ready to help you. With us you will get all the aforementioned rewards and we guarantee fast and easy journey at any time convenient for you. Of course, your confidentiality is top priority for us – your information is yours and yours alone and will never be shared with anyone else. We assure you – you will not be disappointed, since we had so many runs in the past our players nearly perfected their methods and will guide you through the process so you don’t have to worry about anything. We offer various payment options available for your convenience [ list payment options here]. Service is available on any server and fraction! If you are interested about the process of our work – we can set up private video-stream just for you and if you really want to see the professionalism of our players and acknowledge the quality of our work.