Battle for Azeroth – WoW Boost

Blizzard has announced a new expansion for World of Warcraft – Battle for Azeroth

In the new expansion for WoW, players will have to go to the Zandalari islands and the new continent of Kul-Tiras. Six new races will be available in the game, and the level cap will increase to 120. We will be glad to save you from the leveling routine and provide powerleveling boost to 120. Developers improve the system of development and leveling the character. Now the system of scaling monster level, introduced in the Legion, will extend to the classic zones! Rewards for the completion of dungeons in the classic zones and in a new expansion for World of Warcraft – Battle for Azeroth – will be reworked in the same way.


Immediately after the launch of the new addon, the following will be added:

  • The maximum possible level of characters will be raised to 120.
  • A few new raids will be added, the first raid being Ul’dir
  • 10 new dungeons, including the golden city of Atal’Dazar and the pirates’ harbor.
  • Allied races – there will be 6 new races in the game, 4 of them already met in Legion. For the Alliance, these are: Void Elves, Lightforged Draenei, Dark Iron Dwarves. And for the Horde:
  • Highmountain Tauren, Nightborne, Zandalari Trolls.
  • In addition, Battle for Azeroth will have two new continents, each of which will be available to visit only for players of a certain faction: it is Kul-Tiras for the Alliance and Zandalar for the Horde.
  • The new PvE mode – Fronts: this is a new PvE mode designed for 20v20, during which representatives of the opposing factions of the Alliance and the Horde will fight for strategically important territories.
  • Expeditions to the islands – new scenarios for three people. During such trips, the players will visit the unknown islands of Azeroth and face unusual opponents, including other players, in order to acquire different values ​​and azerite.
  • A new type of resource: Azerite, with which you can bestow your armor with new properties and features.



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The system of local world PVP will also undergo changes. Players themselves can decide whether they want to participate in PvP or not. While in the capital cities, you can activate the PvP mode, then go outside the city and be in a special version of the world, where all players agreed to participate in PvP. Those who agreed to participate in PvP-battles will be able to get a number of bonuses like an increase in experience and / or reputation that compensate for the increased risk. For ranked PvP (arena and RBG) the changes were not announced yet. Our service will continue to provide services for boosting PVP ratings and PVP awards, as well as we will be happy to help you take advantage of the open world PVP bonuses and protect your character in case awards for PvP mode make all players turn it on.

In general, this addition will again significantly change the whole game, as was the case with Legion. It’s for you to decide if it’s good or bad, but we are sure that the game will only get better afterwards, as all new changes lay the basis for working on new, even more attractive game modes!